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_>^__here is in the Sermon on the Mount this wonderful utterance of our Lord: “ how much more?” In Luke 11:13 where He repeats the question, there is a difference. Instead of speaking, as then, of giving good gifts, He says, “How much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit?” He thus teaches us that the chief and best of these gifts is the Holy Spirit, or rather, that in this gift all others are comprised. The Holy Spirit is the first of the Father’s gifts and the one He delights most to bestow. The Holy Spirit is therefore the gift to first and chiefly seek. The unspeakable worth of this gift we can easily understand. Jesus spoke of the Spirit as “ the promise of the Father,” the one promise in which God’s Fatherhood revealed itself. The best gift a good and wise father can bestow on a child on earth is his own spirit. This is the great object of a father in education — to reproduce in his child his own disposition and char­ acter. If the child is to know and understand his father; if as he grows up he is to enter into all his will and plans; if he is to have his highest joy in the father and the father in him — he must be of one mind and spirit with him. And so it is impossible to conceive of God bestowing any higher gift on His child than this, His own Spirit. God is what He is through His Spirit; the Spirit is the very life of God. Just think what it means — God giving His own Spirit to His child on earth. Or was not this the glory of Jesus as a Son upon earth, that the Spirit of the Father was in Him? At His

baptism in Jordan the two things were united — the voice proclaim­ ing Him the beloved Son, and the Spirit descending upon Him. And so the apostle says of us, “ And be­ cause ye are sons, God hath sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.” A king seeks in the whole education of his son to call forth in him a kingly spirit. Our Father in heaven desires to educate us as His children for the holy, heavenly life in which He dwells, and for this gives us from the depths of His heart His own Spirit. It was this which was the whole aim of Jesus when, after having made atonement with His own blood, He entered for us into God’s presence that He might obtain for us and send down to dwell in us the Holy Spirit. As the Spirit of the Father and of the Son, the whole life and love of the Father and the Son are in Him; and coming down into us He lifts us up into their fellowship. As Spirit of the Father, He sheds abroad the Father’s love with which He loved the Son in our hearts and teaches us to live in it. As Spirit of the Son, He breathes in us the childlike liberty and devo­ tion and obedience in which the Son lived upon earth. The Father can bestow no higher or more won­ derful gift than this: His own Holy Spirit, the Spirit of sonship. This truth naturally suggests the thought that this first and chief gift of God must be the first and chief object of all prayer. For every need of the spiritual life this is the one thing needful: the Holy Spirit. All the fullness is in Jesus; the fullness of grace and truth out of which we receive grace for grace. The Holy

Spirit is the appointed conveyancer whose special work it is to make Jesus and all there is in Him for us ours in personal appropriation, in blessed experience. He is the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus; as wonderful as the life is, so wonderful is the provision by which such an agent is provided to communicate it to us. If we but yield ourselves entirely to the disposal of the Spirit and let Him have His way with us, He will manifest the life of Christ within us. He will do this with a divine power, maintaining the life of Christ in us in uninterrupted con­ tinuity. Surely, if there is one prayer that should draw us to the Father’s heart and keep us there, it is this: for the Holy Spirit, whom we as children have received, to stream into us and out from us in greater fullness. In the variety of the gifts which the Spirit has to dispense, He meets the believer’s every need. Just think of the names He bears. The Spirit of grace, to reveal and impart all of grace there is in Jesus. The Spirit of faith, teaching us to begin and go on and increase in ever believ­ ing. The Spirit of adoption and assurance, who witnesses that we are God’s children and inspires the confiding and confident Abba, Fa­ ther! The Spirit of truth, to lead into all truth, to make each work of God ours in deed and in truth. The Spirit of prayer, through whom we speak with the Father; prayer that must be heard. The Spirit of judgment and burning, to search the heart and convince of sin. The Spirit of holiness, manifesting and communicating the Father’s holy presence within us. The Spirit of power, through whom we are strong




by A N D R E W M U R R A Y

to testify boldly and. work effect­ ually in the Father’s service. The Spirit of glory, the pledge of our inheritance, the preparation and the foretaste of the glory to come. Surely the child of God needs hut one thing to be able really to live as a child: it is to be filled with this Spirit. And now the lesson Jesus teaches us today in His school is this: That the Father is just longing to give Him to us if we will but ask in the childlike dependence on what He says: “ If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?” In the words of God’s promise, “ I will pour out my Spirit abundantly,” and of His command, “ Be ye filled with the Spirit,” we have the meas­ ure of what God is ready to give and what we may obtain. As God’s children we have already received the Spirit. But we still need to ask and pray for His special gifts and operations as we require them. And not only this, but for Himself to take complete and entire possession, for His un c e a s i n g momentary guidance. Just as the branch, already filled with the sap of the vine, is ever crying for the continued and in­ creasing flow of that sap that it may bring its fruit to perfection, so the believer, rejoicing in the pos­ session of the Spirit, ever thirsts and cries for more. And what the great Teacher would have us learn is that nothing less than God’s promise and God’s command may be the measure of our expectation and our prayer; we must be filled abundantly. He would have us ask

this in the assurance that the won­ derful “ how much more” of God’s Father-love is the pledge that when we ask we do most certainly receive. Let us now believe this. As we pray to be filled with the Spirit, let us not seek for the answer in our feelings. All spiritual blessings must be received, that is, accepted or taken in faith. Let me believe the Father gives the Holy Spirit to His praying child. Even now while I pray I must say in faith: I have what I ask, the fullness of the Spirit is mine. Let us continue steadfast in this faith. On the strength of God’s Word we know that we have what we ask. Let us with thanksgiving that we have been heard, with thanksgiving for what we have re­ ceived and taken and now hold as ours, continue steadfast in believing prayer that the blessing, which has already been given us and which we hold in faith, may break through and fill our whole being. It is in such believing thanksgiving and prayer that our soul opens up for the Spirit to take entire and undis­ turbed possession. It is such prayer that not only asks and hopes but takes and holds, that inherits the full blessing. In all our prayer let us remember the lesson the Saviour would teach us this day that if there is one thing on earth u>e can be sure of it is this, that the Father desires to have us filled with His Spirit, that He delights to give us His Spirit. And when once we have learned thus to believe for ourselves and each day to take out of the treasure we hold in heaven what liberty and power to pray for the outpouring of

the Spirit on the Church of God, on all flesh, on individuals or on spe­ cial efforts! He that has once learned to know the Father in prayer for himself, learns to pray most con­ fidently for others too. The Father gives the Holy Spirit to them that ask Him, not least, but most when they ask for others. ’’Lord, Teach Us to Pray” Father in heaven, Thou didst send Thy Son to reveal Thyself to us, Thy Father-love and all that that love has for us. And He has taught us that the gift above all gifts which Thou wouldest bestow in answer to prayer is the Holy Spirit. 0 my Father, I come to Thee with this prayer: there is nothing I would — may I not say, I do — desire so much as to be filled with the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. The blessings He brings are so unspeak­ able and just what I need. He sheds abroad Thy love in the heart and fills it with Thyself. I long for this. He endues with power from on high for all my walk and work. I long for this. 0 Father, I beseech Thee, give me this day the fullness of Thy Spirit. Father, I ask this, resting on the words of my Lord: “How much more the Holy Spirit.” I do believe that Thou hearest my prayer; I receive now what I ask; Father, I claim and I take it: the fullness of Thy Spirit as mine. I receive the gift this day again as a faith gift; in faith I reckon my Father works through the Spirit all He has prom­ ised. The Father delights to breathe His Spirit into His waiting child as He tarries in fellowship with Him­ self. Amen. END.

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THE KING’S BUSINESS A publication of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles/ Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor S. H. Sutherland, President • Ray A. Myers, Chairman of the Board

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L O V E Lately we’ve been selecting some really outstanding articles and fea­ turing them in our special 8-page “ Green Report.” Your response has been most gratifying. For example our first “ Green Report” of last November ( “ The Christian & Worldliness” ) was so popular that we had to or­ der two reprint editions (the latest reprint of this article is in a 32- page booklet with an attractive red and gold cover and is still available at 10c each). This month’s “Green Report” is one that cannot help but change your life. The article: “ Love, the Greatest Thing in the World.” If you read nothing else in the entire magazine read this. And when you’ve read it think of one friend that should read it (and other articles in this issue like “ Prayer and the Holy Spirit,” on page 2 and “God, the First and the Last,” on page 16. Articles like these can revolutionize lives. You can have a part in this vital ministry for our Saviour by giving a gift subscription to start with this important March issue. Just use the handy coupon below.

MARCH In the year of our Saviour

Vol. 48, No. 3

Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Established 1910

Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home

ARTICLES PRAYER A N D THE H O LY SP IR IT — Andrew Murray .............. 2 FOR M E N O N L Y — The wide open spaces & a Geiger counter ..... 13 M A N IL A C RU SA D E — Photo Story .............................................. 14 GOD, THE FIRST A N D THE LA ST — A. W . Tozer ............ ......... 16 PRAYER FELLOW SH IP .... ............................................................. 17 LOVE, THE GREATEST T H IN G IN THE W O R LD — Henry Drummond ................................................ 23 BA SKETBALL E V A N G E L ISM — Photo Story — Dick Hillis ........ 48 FEATURES PEOPLE — A monthly column of names in the news ................... . 6 UND ER TH E PARSON AG E ROOF — Althea S. M iller ................... 8 READER R EA C T IO N ............. 10 FROM THE ED ITO R'S DESK ................... 12 W O R LD N EW SG R A M S — James O. Henry .............................. 18 BOOK R EV IEW S — Donald G. Davis .......................................... 20 W O R D S FROM THE W O R D — Charles L. Feinberg ..................... 22 TH EO LO G IC A LLY T H IN K IN G — Gerald B. Stanton ..................... 31 OUT OF THE LAB: The Bible & Science — Donald S. Robertson ..... 32 JU N IO R K IN G 'S BU SINESS ROU ND -U P — A Stranger Called Freddie — Leonard Eilers ........................ 33 S E A R C H IN G THE SCRIPTURES: A C T S — Chester J. Padgett ....... 38 DR. T A L BO T 'S QU |STION BO X .................................................... 40 T A L K IN G IT OVER — A psychologist answers — Clyde Narramore 41 CHR ISTIAN EDUCATION YO U TH M E E T IN G S — Dorothy Haskin ........................... ............ 42 OBJECT LESSONS — Elmer L. Wilder ....................................... . 46 COVER A compelling demonstration of the workings of democracy is pictured on this month's cover. The Philippine Islands is predominantly Catholic but because it is also a democracy there is religious toleration at the very highest governmental levels. When Evangelist Bob Pierce went to Manila to hold a prolonged preaching mission, Philippine President Magsaysay invited Pierce and members of his team to the presidential palace. Shown here are President Magsaysay, Rev. Jose Yap, Bob Pierce, Joseph Stump and Les Barnett at the President's organ. For more photos on Bob Pierce in Manila see pages 14, 15.

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Vienna, Dec. 31, 1956 W e, the undersigned, wish to state our approval and recognition of the interdenomi­ national Protestant ministry achieved by the Rev. Douglas G. Stewart, director of the European Evangelistic Crusade (Evangelische Europa Mission), among the many thousands of Hungarian refugees, who fled into Aus­ tria. He and his missionaries have performed a most definite and invaluable service for the cause of Christ among these homeless and destitute people. This Christian ministry has been evidenced in the following manner: $60,000 of food and clothing together with Christian literature has and is being distributed among needy Protestant refugees in Austria and suffering Protestants in Hun­ gary. The spiritual needs of the refugees have been met, in that Rev. Douglas Stewart has been responsible for the printing of 100,000 Gospels of St. John, 10,000 New Testaments and 200,000 tracts in the Hun­ garian language. This distribution and pur­ chasing of Scripture portions has been vitally important as present supplies of Bibles have been exhausted. Besides this, Rev. Stewart has completed and payed for a Hungarian hymnbook, to­ gether with music, with fifty of the best Protestant Hungarian hymns, taken from the Hungarian Reformed, Lutheran and Baptist hymnbooks. In closing we wish to emphasize that a definite work has been accomplished by Rev. Douglas Stewart and his Mission in that they have laid a very important groundwork for the future spiritual and physical aid among the Hungarian refugees. Last, but most important of all, Rev. Douglas Stewart has been instrumental in rescuing individuals and families out of Hungary into the freedom of the West, at great personal risk to his own life. (signed) David S. Lusby Vice Consul, American Embassy, Vienna, Austria Prof. D . Trombitas Dr. S. Haraszti Vice Principal Baptist Seminary, Budapest, Hungary Karl Zedlacker,

Copyright, 1957. Used by permission of Rev. Douglas Stewart. Hungarian refugee Mother and her two children devouring their first meal in the free­ dom of the West after making their flight from Communist tyranny.

garian language I was able to gain their con­ fidence and to work more closely with them. The EUROPEAN EVANGELISTIC CRU­ SADE is continuing to send physical and spiritual aid to the Hungarian refugees who still continue to escape into Austria daily. HELP THESE COURAGEOUS PEOPLE NOW IN THEIR HOUR OF DESPERATE NEED. These are moments of crisis and momentous change and we cannot wait to help the thousands who are suddenly home­ less, sick, hungry and comfortless. THEY NEED YOUR HELP N OW ! As God directs and touches your heart, please send $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or $100.00; but send it today and mark it "Hungarian refugees.” WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS AND WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR SUPPORT N OW ! Yours on behalf of the Hungarian Refugees, TZJL

idealistic Communists. Rev. Douglas Stew­ art’s work has been directed toward filling that vacuum with spiritual values in the lives of these people. The need is great and I am glad that Rev. Stewart and his co-workers have done so much toward filling that need, (signed) David S. Lusby, Vice Consul Embassy of the United States of America From the very first day that the Hungarian Refugees began to stream across the frontier, the missionaries of the European Evangelistic Crusade have been giving physical and spir­ itual aid to these hungry and homeless people. I have and am per­

s o n a lly supervising our relief ministry to the Hungarian refu­ gees. I h ave seen their appalling physi­ cal need, as well as th e ir n eed fo r the c o m fo r t o f G o d ’s W ord and the mes­ sage of salvation in this tragic hour; and since I speak the Hun- Dr. George A. Palmer, President of the Board of Directors Mr. Thornley B. Wood, Vice President Mr. Earle B. Daum Dr. Ralph S. Wright Dr. Lehman Strauss Rev. Douglas G. Stewart Miss Ethel O. Moote Reference Council Rev. Paul E. Billheimer Rev. George T. B. Davis Rev. John P. Forsyth Dr. J. H. Hunter Rev. C. H. C. Jackson Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. Dr. Herbert Lockyer Dr. James McGinley Dr. F. J. Miles Dr. Palmer Muntz Dr. J. Winslow Smith Rev. Howard Sugden Dr. Louis T. Talbot

Director of Austrian Y.M .C.A. & Member Internatn’l Y.M.C.A.

Professor of Theology, Presbyterian Church Komarom, Hungary Prof. Dr. G. K. Ents Professor of Theology, Lutheran Church, Vienna, Austria

Helmut J.

Douglas G. Stewart



Protestant layman and journalist Vienna, Austria



Director for North America I

Vienna, Austria January 8, 1957

To Whom it may Concern: This is to certify that I have personally observed and come in contact with the ac­ tivities of Rev. Douglas Stewart among Hun­ garian refugees. I have been very pleased to note that his work places its main emphasis on the spiritual needs of the Hungarians. Rev. Stewart’s missionaries have held evan­ gelical meetings wherever possible in the camps and have distributed, in addition to material aid, hundreds of thousands of Bible, New Testaments, Hymn Books, and tracts in Hungarian to the refugees. The great disillusionment which has fol­ lowed the years of Communist indoctrination is greatest among the Hungarians who were

811 Westview Street, Dept. K, Philadelphia 19, Pa. Dear Sir: W ith a glad and w illing heart I am enclosing | $...................... to help alleviate the physical and spiritual I | needs of the Hungarian refugees. '

Name Street City




M A R C H 1 9 5 7

A monthly column of names in the news

In New York a fortnight ago the Billy Graham Crusade office an­ nounced the resignation of Graham’s public relations director, Jerry Beavan. Prior to his work with Graham, Bea- van’s background included three years as a pastoral assistant in New York State, one year in rural mission work in Maine and traveling in evangélis-

the IwHe

in sH U fe


I '

\hour |

^ M * "';dM


• Heart searching messages • Thrilling tes ti­ monies • Outstanding features • Inspiring music MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY 8-30 ant.

his is Demetrios Constantakelis, 8 years old, a patient at the Hospital of Voula, just outside Athens, Greece. He is suffering from tuberculosis of the bones and is in pitiful condition. He and hundreds of other children look to the American Mission to Greeks to sup­ ply them with the much needed antibiotic drugs to enable them to stand tall and strong. For $25 this Mission can provide sufficient drugs for the average treatment of one of these needy children. When we last visited this hospital we were shocked to see the tin dishes from which they were eating. Even a healthy person would lose his ap­ petite just from looking at them. W e want to send several hundred unbreakable plastic dishes and cups to them as well as food, clothing and a few toys. W e also want to place a Greek New Testament by the bed­ side of each of these children who can read. With $10 a total of 40 New Testaments can be provided. Help this child and many others like him by sending your contribution to American Mission to Greeks, Inc., Rev. Spiros Zod- hiates, General Secretary, P.O. Box 423, Dept. K, New York 36, N.Y. (In Canada: 90 Duplex Avenue, Toronto 7, Ontario.) All contributions to this worthy Mission are tax deductible.

Beovan: For Billy Graham, a resignation.

tic work in the Southwest and East. He is an ordained Baptist minister. In Chicago, long-time tract (Good News) publisher Clyde H. Dennis has launched the Christian Missionary Foundation to concentrate on liter­ ature production and distribution on a world scale. The plan is to set up in 10 strategic mission centers mod­ ern offset printing plants capable of turning out several million pieces of colorful Christian literature annually. The foundation will also publish in America a new magazine, Missions Tomorrou). In Washington, D.C., Army career- man Lt. Gen. W illiam K. Harrison Jr. is retiring after 40 years of service. Harrison, who until recently was Commander-in-Chief of the Caribbean area, gained world-wide recognition in 1952 as the chief negotiator with the Communists at the close of the Korean War. Throughout his service career, Harrison’s Christian witness was widely known and respected. His new job: executive director of the Evangelical Welfare Agency, a Chi­ cago subsidiary of the National Asso­ ciation of Evangelicals. Purpose of the organization is the placement of orphaned or deserted children in Christian homes for adoption or foster care.









In a Bible

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sp I ■

In a Cambridge Bible the best in the world is yours BEST... in fine printing BEST... in strong, thin white paper BEST... in supple, durable leather

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CAMBRIDGE with the unconditional guaran tee Since the year 1591—a generation b e fo r e^ ^B ^ the Mayflower sailed—Cambridge Bibles



have been unsurpassed in beauty o f design and^^^>^ . material, in handsome, legible type. You may have^*^B unqualified confidence in a Cambridge Bible—the Bible covered by an unconditional guarantee: If at any time you believe your Cambridge Bible has not

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lived up to your expectations, you may return it to the store where it was purchased, and it will be replaced immediately and without question.

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CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS The world’s oldest Bible publisher

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Under the Parsonage Roof by Althea S. Miller FRIEND

L e a r n t h e

D e e p T r u t h s of G o d ’s W o r d in ^ MOODY

S cott Foresman makes our language book,” Paul Kent announced one day. “ I know they put out that book. Do you like it?” “Yes, I’ve had fun learning from it. But how do you know about the book? Is he a friend of yours?” “Yes, I think I could call ‘him’ a friend of mine, honey,” Mother an­ swered with a smile. “ I don’t person­ ally know anyone connected with the publishing of the book. But all the authors and publishers of books which have either inspired or informed me are my friends.” “Aw, you don’t know all the people in the world who write books,” the young doubter asserted, “ so how can they be your friends?” “ They are my friends because what they have written or published has either helped me learn something I never knew before or they challenged me to be a better person.” “ But you haven’t studied out of my language book. This Mr. Scott Fores­ man would be my friend, not yours.” “ It’s true, son, that I haven’t studied out of your book. But Daddy and I always look over all your school textbooks because we want to know what you are being taught in them. A textbook can be either the best friend a boy or girl ever had or the very worst enemy.” “ How come? It can’t fight with me like Butch does.” “ It can become your enemy in the same way it can be your friend — in what it teaches you. Who are spoken of most in the Bible and from whom does the teaching come?” “ God and the Lord Jesus.” “ You’re right, Paul. Do you agree with me that the Bible teaches us things we never knew before? And does it encourage all Christians to live a better life daily?” “Uh huh.” “ If God is your Friend in a special sense because of all the wonderful things you learn about Him from His Book, can you understand now why I said Scott Foresman is my friend?” “Yep. And the best book writer friend to have is God because He wrote the Bible.” “You’ve learned this lesson well, sweetie. Don’t ever fail to study the Bible because the story of your best Friend is found in its pages. So drink deeply from its well of wisdom.”


Again this y e a r . . . T W O O R E A T 3 - W E E K S E S S I O N S J un e 17 to Jul y 5 Jul y 8 to Jul y 2 8 mmm MORE THAN 50 BIBLE-CENTERED SUBJECTS including analysis courses in Leviticus, Psalms, Zechariah, John, Acts and Hebrews—and Bible Synthesis covering the Old Testament from Job to Malachi • A Consecrated Faculty of 40 • No Tuition to Pay • Only $15.00 a Week for Room and Board 9 Located in Chicago Near Beautiful Lake Michigan HERE'S WHAT STUDENTS SAY ABOUT SUMMER SCHOOL: Courses: “ Bible subjects very inspiring" “ Instruction most helpful" Faculty: “ Always so friendly and ready to help" Food: “ Excellent meals!” “ Well planned and varied menus!” Facilities: “ Little kitchens in dorms are ideal!” “ Bookstore handy, sweet shop convenient!”

“ Sincerely interested in students" Christian Work Assignments (Optional for Summer School students): “ Challenging" . . . “ very fine experience" “ A very special blessing to me” Devotional Program: “ Inspiring” . . . “ exceptionally good" “ A great personal blessing" Christian Fellowship: “ Friendliness was outstanding" “ One o f the best things"

CHURCH MUSIC WORKSHOP . . . will be offered by the Sacred Music Department during the first week o f the second session. Summer School students may attend some sessions o f the workshop if they choose. For information write the Sacred Music Department at the Institute.

Because of the large number of students planning to attend Summer School this year, we suggest you apply early! Registration has been greatly simplified . . .

H U R R Y ! • • •

W R I T E T O D A Y for free catalog and application papers.

Address OFFICE OF A DM ISSIO N S, Dept. K-57-331

Dr. William Culbertson, president

Dr. S. Maxwell Coder, dean

INTERDENOM INATIONAL . . . EVANGELICAL M O O D Y B I B L E I N S T I T U T E 820 N. LaSalle Street *Chicago 10, Illinois



FREEDOM from persecution - fear want - bondage

YOU A N D 1 ENJOY THESE FREEDOMS — and we cherish the most important freedom of all: the freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our own consciences. That any group would conspire to deny this freedom to others may seem too fantastic to be true. That there are men right here in America who are denied this freedom may seem unbelievable. But the facts prove that it is true. These Are the Undeniable Facts • Priests who leave the Church of Rome are persecuted: by slander, by pressure brought to bear on their families and friends to banish them, and, in South America and Europe, by physical violence. • Priests who leave the Roman Catholic Church live in fear. They know by observation that to break them Rome will command all of her powerful social, economic and political forces. • Priests who leave the Church of Rome are victims of a calculated effort to prevent them from earning a livelihood. Many employers will not hire a man who indicates that he has been a former priest. Seldom does the former priest have any private funds or clothes. W ith no place to go, he lives in want. • Priests who have told their superiors of their desire to leave the Church have sometimes been forcibly restrained. Some have been committed to Roman Catholic hospitals and mental institutions from which release is almost impossible. More terrifying than physical bondage are the threats of purgatory and hell which are used to hold them in spiritual bondage. . , . As Many As the Lord Our God Shall Call Acts 2:39 Today in all parts of the world, Roman Catholic priests are leaving the Church. The reasons they give for leaving reveal their spiritual and intellectual search for the truth. • They are disillusioned with practices inconsistent with Scripture

Our Help Is In the Name of the Lord

Psalm 124:8

Through a special­ ized program of reha­ bilitation, Christ’s Mis­ sion is helping many former priests discover a new ways of life — a life of p h y s ica l and spiritual freedom. The Mission provides coun­ sel and advice in prac­ tical and spiritual mat­ ters. Often we shelter, feed and clothe men who have just left the Church and have no means of support. Many

men are helped to find work. Travel and medical expenses are provided in emergencies. If the former priest is converted and feels called to serve God in the Protestant ministry, financial assistance is extended to enable him to attend a school or semi­ nary, spiritual help and guidance is a primary and integral part of the program of assistance. Christ’s Mission has helped over 600 former priests. Priests Are Leaving in Greater Numbers Today the opportunities are greater than they have ever been in our 75 years of service. More and more priests are resigning and appealing to us for assistance. W e are receiving these requests from all over America and many other parts of the world. This is especially true in South America, where perse­ cution is bitter against defectors. Priests tell us that many more would leave if they had a place of refuge. Dugan Center Being Established Because of this increasing need, and as a result of long and prayerful consideration, Christ’s Mission is establishing a center for former priests. This center will enable us to provide a more complete and integrated program of rehabilitation. A special committee of experts in the field of education, business, guidance, health and theology will meet with the former priests and help them work out the many problems they face. They will have the help of our job placement program and will receive spiritual and material aid. Throughout their period of readjustment, they will be living with men who understand and sympathize with their problems. Rev. Frank F. Payas, a Roman Catholic priest for 20 years and a Protestant pastor for 10 years, has been appointed supervisor of the center. We Must Act at Once A property, ideal for this center, has been offered to Christ’s Mission by a wonderful Christian family at a fraction of its actual value. The Board of Trustees have voted to purchase this property and establish the Dugan Center at once. Prayer and the open door of opportunity have convinced them it is the Lord’s leading. They have authorized a financial appeal of $50,000 to purchase the property and establish the former priest center. We Will Need the Generous Help of Friends W e appeal to readers because we believe that you will support this act of faith. May we ask you to give both gen­ erously and sacrificially that we may be enabled to assist more priests in their search for freedom. Y ou will want to have an important part in making this center a reality. Please pray about this carefully and, as soon as you can, send your contribution to us. W e are sure you will stand by us in this hour of urgency. Dr. Walter M. Montano, Executive Director, Rev. Frank Payas, Supervisor, Dugan Center, CHRIST’S MIS­ SION, Dept. K, 27 East 22nd Street, New York 10, N.Y.

This building will be used for the former priest center.

• They have discovered serious errors in the theological dogma of the Roman Catholic Church • They have recognized that salvation by works is a mockery • They have witnessed the evils of a totalitarian hierarchy • They have been shocked by political and moral corruption within the Church


M A R C H 1 9 5 7

t ^ e a c t i on

Sirs: It seems so unfortunate that a Christian magazine should have printed an article against the Hox­ sey treatment when untold num­ bers of Christians have been pray­ ing for its continuance. The maga­ zine has always supposed to stand for the right. It is like losing con­ fidence in an old friend. Pasadena, Calif. A. H. Abbot Sirs: Ever since we received the No­ vember issue we have wanted to send our comment on the article by Mr. Stedman, “ The Christian and Worldliness.” It is a dangerous article in that it encourages all to avoid any definite stand on what is right or wrong. This article is presented in a sensational way and given such prominence that it is most attractive to the scripturally untaught, looking for something FROM TIMES SQUARE WORD o r L I F E w i t h Jack Wyrtzen Am e r ic a s only Coast to Coast Youth Broadcast now on MUTUAL RADIO NETWORK every Saturday night Worldliness (Cont'd) m


Sirs: I have greatly enjoyed T h e K i n g ’ s B u s i n e s s for some time now and was very disappointed to see the magazine used against the Hox­ sey Cancer Clinic. After losing a sister, a brother, a nephew, a cousin and many friends with cancer, all having had repeated operations and extensive X-ray treatments, I think I have a right to say something about the medical men and their treatment of cancer. They say if they get the case in the beginning they can cure it. They had a chance at an early stage with each of my loved ones but failed. I would like to ask the American Cancer Society to be fair and hon­ est; admit that no cancer has ever been cured by operation or X-ray and stop using taxpayer’s money to fight those who are treating can­ cer in different ways than they are. Pueblo, Colo. Mrs. S. W. Medde

A Christian Answer to the Prayers of a Troubled World In this period of economic un­ certainty and international con­ flict, an American Bible Society Annuity Agreement comes as an answer to the prayers of most of us. For it offers a generous, guar­ anteed income, plus tax savings, regardless o f financia l con d i­ tions. Your purchase of the an­ nuity helps combat the evils and hatreds of the world with the great power of the Holy Bible: No income could be more secure Wh'le enjoying this income se­ curity, you help the S o cie ty b r in g the S c r ip tu r e s to the peoples of the world.

ON THE A IR . . .

H e l p m e e t th is need, while provid­ ing for your own financial security Send coupon below

________ A M E R IC A N B IB L E S O C I E T Y 450 Park Avenue, New York 22, N. Y. I Please send, me, without obligation, your booklet KB37 entitled “ A Gift That Lives.”

White Siste r Trio and Organist

E A S T ..................... 7:30 P.M. CENTRAL ............. 6:30 P.M. MOUNTA IN ..........7:00 P.M. PACIFIC ............... 7:00 P.M. Note: Some stations at different times Write for free radio log



W O R » OF L1FF Bax SII, NewYork8, N.Y.

WORD OF LIFE Quartet and Pianist.

y ;




L_ 10


new. Bible truth is still the same, and separation is two-fold —from the world and unto God. Most of our friends at the Church of the Open Door share our opinion that T h e K in g ’ s B usiness has been deteriorating in spiritual tone. A number of them no longer sub­ scribe because of this. One of my friends who receives T he K in g ’ s B usiness as a gift, but prefers other better Christian magazines, told me that she burned the November issue because of Stedman’s dangerous article, rather than passing it on for others to read as she usually does. Los Angeles, Calif. Dr. and Mrs. Eric Witt Sirs: You put into writing some things I have been thinking and talking over with others for some time. I grew up in a Plymouth Brethren assembly in St. Louis. My folks were personal friends of Dr. Iron­ side and the Bible teaching I re­ ceived was the very best in some ways. However, because of my in­ terest in Youth for Christ and Young Life Campaign I was severe­ ly criticized by many of our friends. I was raised on a set of standards but in recent months I have seen how little these standards accom­ plish. In my work with high schoolers I found that many of those from Christian homes who were “ separated Christians” never won anyone to the Lord. Whereas, one girl we had who was a new Christian and not quite separated had won seven others in one year. I agree with you that this does not mean that we should let our standards down, but I realize some­ thing more than a set of rules is necessary. We now belong to an independ­ ent church and the pastor and I have been discussing these things at some length. He has also read your article and feels that it is a much needed challenge— so much so that he is going to preach along this line a week from Sunday. Spartanburg, S.C. Charles Wallington Christian Supply Shoppe Reprint copies in an attractive 32-page booklet of “ The Christian & Worldliness” are still available at 10c each. Send your order to The Editors, The King’s Business, 55 8 South Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif. — ED.

You, like-thousands of other Christians, can solve your financial problems in this unique way. By placing your funds ($300, $500, $1000 and upward) in Moody annuities you are assured of generous, unchanging financial returns for the rest of your life . . . and yet you have the satisfaction of knowing that through your gifts you are helping train young men and women to win souls for Christ. T H E G I V E R Complete satisfaction and assurance will be yours by having regular returns not affected by business ups and downs, and not requiring the worrisome attention of ordinary investments. You will experience joy, because your gift makes possible the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth—through Moody-trained missionaries, gospel-science films and the other world-wide Moody ministries. • The Institute’s half-century record of paying all dividends, without fail, on the due date assures every annuitant of unchanging and dependable returns. A large reserve fund, plus the corporate assets of the Institute, are back of all Moody annuity agreements. Thousands have experienced the peace of mind brought about by the regularity of their annuity checks. T H E D I V I D E N D At regular intervals throughout your lifetime you will receive a check, the amount of which will be based on your age when the agreement is issued. And don’t forget—there is more than just the financial return . . . you receive another dividend, for your funds are helping take the gospel to those who have never heard it. . T H E R E C O R D


¡p | | |

1*................ .

. tj

i Write: Corl J. Frizen, Stewardship Department


K-57-32 '

D ' p t

f 820 N. LaSalle Street • Chicago 10, Illinois

□ Please send me "DOUBLE D IV ID E N D S /’ the story of M oody Annuities. □ Please send folder, " You Can Take It With You,” relating to stewardship and wills.


b o o k l e t . . . tells you how you can get started in the M oody Annuity Plan, “ double dividends ” explains the program in detail. Mail coupon today. N o obliga­ tion whatsoever.

N am e.

-A ge_



_______ Zon


M A R C H 1 9 5 7


GreatNeed! |

from 9 editor’s desk

Pray for the evangelizing of Uruguay, little known and long neglected field. Our faith work has established an Indigenous Church and includes the first Bi­ ble School in the country training National workers; also Radio, Col- portage and unique Prison min­ istry, etc. Doors are Open

Rev. F.V. Dabold Founder-Director

Many hungry hearts waiting for the Word, little opposition. Splendid group of full time workers in the field. Hold up their hands— swell their number with your prayers and gifts. W rite for FREE news letter today EVANGELICAL MISSION TO URUGUAY, INC. BOX 7 0 -K f FRESNO, CALIFORNIA

A-B-C SUNDAY SCHOOL RECORDS (111 to'“ * RtC RfcC A o<"' SY*'«"" .o*0V . a Uie Jlll l ill Çpxiï1** ' ‘''"° ' ^ ,06ee.< i S S l I GOSPELLIGHT PRESS ^ 725 E. Colorado Blvd., Glendale. Calif. ♦5 Central Ave.. Mound, Minn. I REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO WEST

The Box Office Is Now Open

— Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times

W i l l you be going to the Fo llies o f ’57 ?

' W e s t e r n 1 Biblical Soundness 2 Spiritual Fervor 3 Missionary Zeal 4 Evangelistic Passion 5 Sound Scholarship

( think Christians have a divine obligation in this matter of traffic accidents. It’s a strange thing, but somehow Christians often get the notion that traffic accidents are always caused by the other fellow . . . the fellow who has had a drink or two. There is a good deal of truth in this theory . . . drinking is a prime factor. But it’s not the only one. Arrogant egoism — a familiar bed­ fellow of a lot of Christians — takes a deadly toll on the highways. We have our rights . . . and we take them. Just what rights does the Christian have? I think none. The Christian life is the giving up of egoistic rights for the slavish consid­ eration of others. Not a very popular concept. But one taught em­ phatically by our Saviour. It will mean being bullied around on the highway . . . of having to give in even when we are in the right. But it will be only obeying Him. And this is a yoke that should not be heavy. — L. H. THE KING'S BUSINESS

Send today for latest catalog.

W e s t e r n Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary 5511 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. Portland 15, Oregon

Dr. Albert G. Johnson, President


“ The City of Roses at the heart of the Beautiful Evergreen Empire ’ *


The Wide Open Spaces and a


citizen and official of Mexico, discovered gold in his mill race. Dad was more cautious. That’s the wonderful part about maturity and experience and knowledge. It equips us to better evaluate a given situation. He switched the counter off and sat down and ate his lunch. Somehow I wasn’t' so hungry. Fifteen min­ utes later we made another test. It was the same. By now I was convinced. Dad was only cautiously optimistic. We hiked on and came back two hours later. We made another test. There was only the normal, mod­ erately high background count. I was confused and puzzled. Dad sat down on the slick pine grass, leaned back on one elbow, picked up a twig and methodically broke off small sections. I didn’t say anything. Pretty soon he had the problem figured out. Somewhere down those hundreds of side canyons there was a rich deposit of uranium. It was giving off radioactive gas that was gathering into invisible clouds and drift­ ing against the mountain. In the calm, still air such a cloud had settled on us that noontime. I learned a lesson from one who knew his source books fairly well. A man can ill afford to get tangled up in a lot of misinformation. Especially in the field of religion. It’s too important. Whenever we start out with the wrong information we’re going to end up wrong. A well-meaning wife or friend or preacher can get a man so confused in matters of religion that the truth is pretty nearly lost. I think the best solution is to do some original thinking and investigating on our own. The source book is the Bible and fortunately it’s written in a language any eight-year-old can readily understand. Get away by yourself and read the New Testament through again and again. Forget everything you’ve ever heard or read or thought about Christianity. Start with an open, inquiring mind. And each time you read simply say, God, 1 want to know your way of salvation for me. Show me from your Word. And if you’re honest . . . and I mean that in the strictest sense of the word . . . it won’t be long until you’ll understand what Jesus Christ means when He says, “ I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

The way some people talk religion it’s pretty tough figuring out just what it’s all about. But then I guess the same goes for politics and the stock market and the art of looping a number 12 dry fly out over your favorite trout hole. Misunderstanding about how a lot of things work is not unusual. Take my encounter with uranium prospecting. I grew up in gold and lead mining camps in the high, isolated mountains of Idaho. My dad is an expert on minerals, an interest I guess that stems back to his college days (Monmouth and Stanford). And he’s the kind of man that keeps the doors of learning open. So when the uranium boom hit the West dad was well-armed with information to launch himself on a new hobby. I went along recently with him on a uranium pros­ pecting trip. We went back to our beloved mountains of Idaho. We took along a black light and a Geiger counter and a couple of trout rods. The fishing in that wild back-country is almost always good. We camped first on Stanley Lake in the Sawtooths back up from Sun Valley. Then we cut over on a dirt road to Payette Lakes and then on down to Council and from there due west on another dirt road to the Cuddy Mountain area. This range is over 8,000 feet high and looks down on the ribbon­ like Snake River just before it plunges into Hell’s Canyon. Traveling these rutted roads brought back a flood of memories. This was the country where I shot my first grouse at nine and my first deer at 12. It was about noon when it happened. We’d hiked a ways from the car and from time to time had stopped to take a background count. At that eleva­ tion you get quite a little radioactivity from cosmic rays, and then too most of that country has a scat­ tering of thorium which is also radioactive. It is such factors as these that determine the background count but have nothing to do with the presence of uranium. It was while stopped to make a background check that the counter exploded into action. The clicks in the headphone and the reading on the dial indicated enormous radioactivity. It looked like a strike and I think I felt some of the same wild excitement that electrified the pioneers around Sacra­ mento in 1848 when John Augustus Sutter, one-time


M A R C H 1 9 5 7

20 th ED ITION

andbooh { Formerly known as " Pocket Bible Handbook” } Book OF a Lifetime . . . For a Lifetime Loved alike by . . . Young and Old Widely Used in Colleges and Seminaries Highly Commended by leading Magazines Specially Usefulfo r S S Teachers It is an Abbreviated Bible Commentary, with Notes on Booksof the Bible, their Historical, Geographical and Chronological Backgrounds, with 75 Illustrative Maps: Am azing: A rch aeological D iscoveries, Confirming or Illustrating Bible History, with 78 Authentic Photographic Reproductions: Related Historical Data from the Annals of Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece and Rome, touching the Bible Story: How W e Got the Bible, Formation of Old and New Testaments, Apocryphal Books, Manu­ scripts and Early Christian Writings: An Epitome of Church History, Connecting Bible Times with Our Own; Early Church Fath­ ers, Persecutions, Rise of the Papacy, the Popes, Luther and the Reformation. Now Contains “ B est Bible V erses”. There isnothing published, of its size, that has anything like as much practical Biblical information. {Furtherparticulars sent on request} 4 x 6M x 1H inches 956 Pages Cloth Bound $3.00 Order from your Bookstore or H.H. HALLEY, Box 774, Chicago 90, III. CH ILDREN — GREATEST IN THE K INGDOM ! New Orphanage and tuition-free Mis­ sion Day Schools, reaching 300 refugee children in Hong Kong. Two Homes in the Holy Land — Beirut, Lebanon and Ramallah, Jordan. Write for Information — HOME OF ONESIPHORUS 3939 N. Hamlin Ave., Dept. #11 Chicago 18, III. AMERICA'S FAVORITE pn YOUTH

During visit to presidential palace Evangelist Bob Pierce was presented ornate cane by President Magsaysay.

Manila Crusade

■A complete song* ¿book of 128 hymns •and choruses—meets >the need for singing senjoyment and in- spiration. TWO SIZES: Large Size, 60c each , 3 for $1.75; : Pocket Size, 35c each, 3 ' for $1.00.

:ÿ • f VB

Its low cost means everyone, in your group can have a songbook! Spark up your Singing Youth with Y O U T H SING S ! PRAISE BOOK PUBLICATIONS KB37, Mound, Minnesota AT BOOKSTORES EVERYWHERE

Somewhat of a religious milestone was reached in the Philippines this winter when for the first time a city-wide evangelical preaching mission was held in Manila. Night after night in this predominantly



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