EXPLO 2020 | We are the People of the Possible

Be the Best Version of Yourself — Here and Everywhere

How do you thrive? What happens when you’re happy? When you have positive relationships? What happens when you do have meaning, when you are achieving things and becoming the best version of yourself? Dan Lerner | EXPLO Advisor Author/Keynote Speaker/NYU Instructor, “The Science of Happiness” These are questions we reflect on every day at EXPLO. Why? Because life lived at zero isn’t really living — it’s simply existing. At EXPLO, we want students to thrive. To feel excited about every next big step because of the sheer volume of possibility available to them. But in order to truly thrive, you have to be willing to reveal yourself to others. You have to engage with the community around you, try new things, take some risks, be willing to fail — all in an effort to unearth your strengths and interests. And when everyone else around you is willing to do those same things — that’s when you feel like you can truly be yourself.

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