EXPLO 2020 | We are the People of the Possible

Says Nadya: “I have two years before I graduate. When I meet people, the first thing they usually ask me is, ‘What college are you planning to go to?’ or ‘What majors are you going to take?’ And, honestly, I don’t know. But the best way to know what you want is to try it out. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I chose EXPLO. It’s great that we get to find our passion here.” Re-designing Experiential Learning

W hen Nadya came to EXPLO to pursue her interest in interior design — something she had dabbled in as a hobby for years at home in Indonesia but had never studied seriously — the last thing she expected was to receive a commission from IKEA to design a college dorm display for their main atrium. But thanks to an exclusive partnership with the multinational Swedish home furnishings retailer, Nadya and her fellow Interior Design Studio students got to go beyond the theory of design and put their creativity into practice when a team of IKEA designers issued a design challenge and then mentored the students throughout the process. After a store tour and sourcing trip, the students pitched their designs to the IKEA team, and three winning designs were selected to be displayed in the store’s main atrium — complete with designer bios, just like a professional IKEA display.

Each summer, EXPLO students test-drive their futures. Watch at ikea.explo.org

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