EXPLO 2020 | We are the People of the Possible

The Earth may be round, but there are countless corners to explore.

There are scores of stones and stories to turn over; oceans and ideas to plumb the depths of. At EXPLO, students take charge of their learning and chart their own course. Their “what ifs?” become “and thens!” Everything they imagine is met with “Yes, and…” instead of “not right now.” Why? Because there is adventure and opportunity around every corner if you’re willing to seek it. And we believe that life is a whole lot more interesting and exciting when you do.

My son came home full of ideas and happy about what he has learned and seen. He confessed to me that he didn’t know that life has so much more to offer than the town we live in — other cultures and people from all backgrounds who are kind, respectful, and caring for one another. I wish all students would have a chance to experience this. We surelywould have a better and smarter world. Pascale N. | EXPLO Parent

Did You Know? EXPLO welcomes thousands of students from 50 states + 93 countries to three campuses each summer

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