EXPLO 2020 | We are the People of the Possible

If confidence is the key to living a life of daring and courage, community is the key to building confidence. It’s not a coincidence that researchers say it takes 21 days to establish a habit — and three weeks of EXPLO establishes habits of mind that last a lifetime. When You’re a Kid, Three Weeks Can Be EVERYTHING

times, regaling them with stories about his experiences and, more importantly, new friends. Running late from a science lab, Sam wrote that by the time he got to the dining hall there were no seats available — until another student stood up and insisted that Sam take his. “I don’t think Sam has encountered this kind of kindness from a stranger his age before,” Vicki said. “Our son sounds so strong. This has always been our wish for Sam. What you’ve done for our son is worth everything. I think you just create a program where kids can be themselves and know that they’re great, just as they are.”

Still, leaving your child in the care of others is daunting for many parents. But after three disappointing summer experiences at other camps, Vicki and Daniel Klein couldn’t help but hold their breath leaving their son, Sam, at EXPLO for two sessions. “An hour before he was set to leave for EXPLO he admitted he didn’t want to go,” Vicki said. “My husband and I kept our fingers crossed that your program would be a better fit.” Their fears were allayed almost immediately. In a matter of days, Sam emailed his parents multiple

EXPLO Parents on the Value of the Third Week thirdweek.explo.org

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