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Even though we are fully immersed in this RV park and storage business, new insights were gathered at the Dallas RV SuperSale & Show held Feb. 20–23. This show was billed as the largest in the Southwest with over 350,000 square feet of showroom. The show was overwhelming. I spent the first 2.5 hours just walking the halls viewing thousands of RVs on display. It was interesting that approximately every third RV had a “Sold” sign posted. Many came to the show ready to buy that dream RV. The sales manager, Steve Cathey, from McClain’s RV shared several market insights with me. McClain’s has five SuperStores in Texas and Oklahoma. In Sanger, Texas, they are building a 100,000-square-foot showroom. Talk about being bullish on the long-term trends in the industry. I described our Dallas Luxury RV Resort & Storage to the sales manager. He shared that occasionally he loses a deal because the buyer can’t find a good storage location. He said further that there is a lack of luxury RV resorts in DFW. But, the sites we do have are full with waiting lists. He also confirmed that there are thousands of people coming to DFW to work who stay in their RVs and need an RV park close in. But they often have to drive an hour or more to get to work.

WHAT’S SO FUNNY? Why You Should KeepYour Kids Laughing

Humor has always been a valuable social skill. Class clowns and stand-up comedians are praised for their quick wit and their ability to make people laugh. Everyone loves to laugh, and laughing together is a great way to make strong, long-lasting connections. And now, recent studies have shown that a good sense of humor can even aid in a child’s development. Having a healthy sense of humor can help children develop their intellect, health, and problem-solving skills. Some people think that humor is a genetic trait, but it actually develops from recognizing and mimicking humor from other sources. This means that humor can be developed from a very young age with the right influence. There are a lot of benefits to encouraging your kids to get silly. A strong sense of humor will let them see things from multiple perspectives rather than just the most obvious ones. It can also encourage them to be spontaneous and see the value in unconventional ideas and alternative ways of thinking. They’ll enjoy participating in the more playful aspects of life, which will teach them not to take themselves too seriously. These are all useful traits that many adults wish they could foster more easily!

The RV business is very robust now with high demand for close-in parks and storage.

–Bill Moist

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Children with a well-developed sense of humor also tend to have more positive emotions and social interactions. They’re generally happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and are better equipped to handle differences between themselves and other children. Kids who can share humor with their peers are often better liked and also more equipped to handle childhood adversities, like playground bullies. There are a lot of ways to encourage humor and playfulness in your children as they grow, and you should start at a young age. Babies may not fully understand humor, but they do recognize when people around them are happy. That’s why they laugh when you make funny noises or silly faces at them. They sense your joy and react. They’re highly responsive to physical stimuli too, like tickling. Toddlers appreciate physical humor nearly as much as babies do, especially if it includes elements of surprise, like peek-a-boo. As they start to develop basic language skills, they’ll find humor in nonsensical or rhyming words. This is also the age when kids usually start attempting tomake their parents laugh. They may deliberately point to the wrong facial features when you practice with themor run around the house in your oversized clothes. As kids begin to attend school, they’ll find evenmore humor in the incongruities of the world around them. A picture of a cowwearing sunglasses, silly jokes and puns, or objects that don’t make expected noises, like a car horn quacking instead of honking, will be especially entertaining to them.

It’s never too early to start developing a child’s sense of humor. Be a humor model to your kids by being silly with them and teach them that adults can be funny too. Take their humor seriously, even if it doesn’t always make sense. But it’s also important to know where to draw the line. Don’t laugh at inappropriate jokes — explain why they’re not funny instead. As long as you’re creating a healthy, humor-rich environment and encouraging your kids to be as funny as they can, you’re giving them an important tool they need to thrive.

‘START WITH WHY’ And Better Business Will Follow

you build a sense of trust. This trust leads to loyalty, and loyalty means that person comes back to do business with you and also refers your business to others. This is how businesses grow!

“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: You can manipulate it, or you can inspire it.” –Simon Sinek

It can often be hard to clearly articulate what you do for a living. That means it can be difficult to explain your vision to potential clients and customers, which then makes it harder to convince them to purchase your product or services. In “Start With Why,” author Simon Sinek illustrates the importance of explaining to others why you do the business you do rather than explaining what you do or how you do it.

Figuring out your “why” is a process of discovery, not invention. In order to discover it, you can turn to three key strategies.

• Look backward at the original motivation for starting your business. What specific problem were you trying to solve, and why was it important to you to solve it? • Look outward by asking those around you why they spend time with you or why a customer buys from you. You can learn why people are drawn to you and your business this way. • Look inward by identifying a bigger vision that you wish to contribute to. What do you believe in? What really matters to you? “Start With Why” teaches readers how to go about discovering their “why,” then instructs them on how to effectively use that information to help their business. It also helps them unleash their business’s vast potential that has remained untapped until now.

Sinek argues that when people start figuring out the “why” in what they do, it inspires action from others in a way that discussing the “what” can’t. Talking about the “why” engages emotions; analyzing the “what” is purely logical. When you try to sell something to people based on “what,” you rely on specific manipulations like price and product details. But if you help people understand why you do what you do by revealing the real purpose and intention behind your reasons,

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HELP YOUR COMPANY SLAY THE DRAGONS With Business Lessons From Fantasy Novels

to success was putting the right people in the right positions.

than work to protect himself from risk (and liability), he failed to prepare for the worst outcome. Wishful thinking never helps leaders — even in fantasy stories.

The bookshelf of your average business owner is usually chock-full of hard-hitting nonfiction. And why not? Books like “The Obstacle Is the Way,” or “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” are great sources of inspiration for entrepreneurs in any industry. But did you know that the world of fiction has lessons to offer too? J.R.R. Tolkien’s first fantasy novel chronicles a quest for treasure, led by the upstart dwarf king Thorin Oakenshield. There’s just one problem: A dragon guards the gold and jewels. Thorin has no plan to defeat this threat, and his party unwittingly releases it upon a town. The angry residents then hold the dwarf king liable for destruction of property. ‘THE HOBBIT’: A POORLY PLANNED VENTURE

‘THE WITCHER’: TOSS A COIN TO YOUR MARKETER In Andrzej Sapkowski’s popular novels, Geralt of Rivia has a PR problem. Mistrusted for his supernatural abilities, he can rarely find work, despite being an expert in a niche industry: monster hunting. Those willing to hire him often misunderstand his services and think he’s an assassin, all due to a classic case of bad branding. Jaskier, who decides to write songs and poems about his adventures with Geralt. Soon, people across the continent know of Geralt and his talent for driving off things that go bump in the night, which goes to show that sometimes, good marketing makes all the difference. Fortunately, our hero’s prospects change when he befriends an eccentric bard named

‘HARRY POTTER’: HOGWARTS BUILT TO SELL In the final book of the megahit series, it becomes clear that Dumbledore’s real wizardry was in his ability to execute an exit strategy. Over the course of the novel, Harry and his friends

uncover the tools Dumbledore left behind to defeat Voldemort. The instructions he left were cryptic at best, but thankfully, Harry and friends eventually sort things out. Dumbledore’s key

The dragon attack was a known risk in Thorin’s venture, and he failed to account for it. Rather

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1. Heat oven to 375 F. Coat lamb cake mold with vegetable oil and wipe clean after a fewminutes. Then grease again and flour cake mold. 2. In a bowl, sift cake flour, then sift flour again with baking powder and salt. Set aside. 3. In a large bowl, beat sugar and butter together to form a batter. 4. Add flour mixture and milk to the batter alternately. 5. Stir batter until smooth and add vanilla extract. 6. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. 7. Fold 1/3 of egg whites into batter mixture, then fold in the remaining whites. 8. Fill cake mold with batter and avoid air pockets. Place the lid on the cake mold, secure it tightly, and place it on a cookie sheet. Bake for 1 hour. 9. Let cake cool completely before decorating with frosting, candy, and edible Easter grass.

2 1/4 cups cake flour

2 1/2 tsp baking powder

• •

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/4 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup butter

• • •

1 cup milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 4 egg whites


1 lamb-shaped, 3D cake mold

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It can be tough to figure out how to switch up family game nights. Kids can be very attached to their electronics, making it hard to get them invested in anything else. With Earth Day coming up this month, you have the perfect excuse to put down the phones and get outside to save the planet. If you’re looking for ways to spend time with your kids on Earth Day, try these eco-friendly family activities! PICK UP TRASH AND MAKE ART WITH IT. You can teach your kids a lot about downcycling and upcycling through recycled art. Downcycling is when waste is recycled to become a new product, but there’s a loss of quality as a result. Upcycling is the opposite: Whatever you recycle becomes a product with a higher value. One way to upcycle is to create recycled art. Use old newspapers or magazines to create collages or papier-mâché bowl sculptures around balloons, jars, or your own custom shape with INSIDE THIS ISSUE From the Desk of Bill PAGE 1 The Importance of Fostering a Sense of Humor PAGE 1 The Most Important Question You Can Ask PAGE 2 What Fantasy Brings to Reality PAGE 3 Take a Break PAGE 3 Easter Lamb Cake PAGE 3 Eco-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Activities for Earth Day PAGE 4 Professional Equities, Inc. BILLMOIST'S



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chicken wire. You can also use old plastic or glass bottles as beautiful hanging planters or create a memorable wind chime from jar lids, tin cans, plastic silverware, and old rubber bands. PLANT A GARDEN. Gardening is one of the most rewarding ways to spend time outdoors. Your kids can learn about caring for another living thing and grow their own vegetables and fruits! A great way to start is to find out what’s in season in your area. If you don’t have an outdoor garden, you can pick out some indoor plants or create a hanging garden with recycled bottles! BUILD A COMPOST SYSTEM. If you have a garden, the next best thing you can do is start composting at home! Did you know that you can compost your cardboard products? Instead of waiting for the recycling truck every other week, you can use your spare green and brown waste to create incredibly nutritious soil for your garden! Green waste includes vegetable

and fruit scraps, eggshells, nutshells, coffee grounds, etc. Brown waste includes cardboard, dead leaves, paper egg cartons, wine corks, andmore. Get a bin andmaintain a green-to- brown ratio of 1-to-2. Layer, water, and turn the compost to keep it healthy. It can take anywhere from twomonths to a year, depending on what you put in and how often you turn it.

We hope you and your family have fun with these planet-loving activities! Stay clean!

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