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Bill Moist


Even though we are fully immersed in this RV park and storage business, new insights were gathered at the Dallas RV SuperSale & Show held Feb. 20–23. This show was billed as the largest in the Southwest with over 350,000 square feet of showroom. The show was overwhelming. I spent the first 2.5 hours just walking the halls viewing thousands of RVs on display. It was interesting that approximately every third RV had a “Sold” sign posted. Many came to the show ready to buy that dream RV. The sales manager, Steve Cathey, from McClain’s RV shared several market insights with me. McClain’s has five SuperStores in Texas and Oklahoma. In Sanger, Texas, they are building a 100,000-square-foot showroom. Talk about being bullish on the long-term trends in the industry. I described our Dallas Luxury RV Resort & Storage to the sales manager. He shared that occasionally he loses a deal because the buyer can’t find a good storage location. He said further that there is a lack of luxury RV resorts in DFW. But, the sites we do have are full with waiting lists. He also confirmed that there are thousands of people coming to DFW to work who stay in their RVs and need an RV park close in. But they often have to drive an hour or more to get to work.

WHAT’S SO FUNNY? Why You Should KeepYour Kids Laughing

Humor has always been a valuable social skill. Class clowns and stand-up comedians are praised for their quick wit and their ability to make people laugh. Everyone loves to laugh, and laughing together is a great way to make strong, long-lasting connections. And now, recent studies have shown that a good sense of humor can even aid in a child’s development. Having a healthy sense of humor can help children develop their intellect, health, and problem-solving skills. Some people think that humor is a genetic trait, but it actually develops from recognizing and mimicking humor from other sources. This means that humor can be developed from a very young age with the right influence. There are a lot of benefits to encouraging your kids to get silly. A strong sense of humor will let them see things from multiple perspectives rather than just the most obvious ones. It can also encourage them to be spontaneous and see the value in unconventional ideas and alternative ways of thinking. They’ll enjoy participating in the more playful aspects of life, which will teach them not to take themselves too seriously. These are all useful traits that many adults wish they could foster more easily!

The RV business is very robust now with high demand for close-in parks and storage.

–Bill Moist

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