Campbell Wealth Management - September 2018

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As you may have heard, there are a few improvements coming to Campbell Wealth Management and your client experience! Last month, I detailed a few of those upgrades. One of the biggest upgrades you can expect is the implementation of Black Diamond, a portfolio management platform. It will be an online portal where you can see everything related to your portfolio and investments. This upgrade, along with others we will be rolling out in the coming months, represents our continued commitment to deliver the best client experience possible. We want to put more resources into creating that ultimate experience, and we’re excited to make it more enjoyable, efficient, and convenient for you. Look for much more information soon. On a personal note, I wanted to share an experience I had over the summer. For the third year in a row, my 16-year-old son, Carter, and I participated in the Appalachia Service Project, or ASP. Along with 49 other people frommy sister-in-law’s church, River Road Presbyterian, we headed out to Logan County, West Virginia. When we arrived, we divided into smaller groups of two adults and four kids. From there, we went to our service project, a home owned by a husband and wife. The home was built in the 1930s, in the heyday of coal mining in the area. Back then, the home was owned by the local mine, built to house one of the mine managers and his family. The house itself was probably about 600 square feet, occupying a 20-by- 30-foot space —not a lot of room for the couple and their many kittens and puppies. But the home had been in the husband’s family for a long time; he had inherited the home from his father. Unfortunately, the home had fallen into disrepair. The roof was leaking, causing a lot of damage in the ceiling as well as on the floor. As part of the service project, it was up to our team to repair the damage and restore the home to a fully livable condition.

First, we fixed the leak in the roof. With that repaired, we moved to the floor, which was the most challenging part of the week. The carpet was wet, and the floor underneath was damaged. We had to pull it all out, first the top level of the floor, and then the second.

Once the damaged flooring and surrounding wood was removed, we began to install new wood, including oriented strand board (OSB). This installation process turned into a great teaching opportunity for the kids. They learned how to use circular saws, nail guns, and just about every other tool we had on-site. After the OSB was in place, we put in a new vinyl floor that was made to look like natural wood grain. It looked great and came together exceptionally well. All in all, the team was able to finish the project within the week. On our last Friday together, the group gathered to talk about what had inspired us over the course of the week, sharing our “God moments.” For me, my moment came when I realized that whenever it rained, the couple who owned the home had to place buckets under the leak to collect the water. They couldn’t leave their home unattended. It was a constant battle with the weather. I also thought about those of us who live in dry, safe homes. We have good roofs over our heads and solid floors under our feet. It’s something to be thankful for, and I walked away feeling blessed that we were able to share this with a family who hadn’t known what it was like to live in a dry, comfortable home for a long time. Kelly Campbell

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