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March 2020

AMANDA BRIGHTWELL joined the family in March 2019, and she’s our lovely marketing representative. She adores doing a job that she’s passionate about. Even though she’s newer to The Source H2O family, she’s known about the importance of clean water for a long time. After championing the clean water cause all day, there’s nothing Amanda likes more than to put up her feet and relax. We agree it’s well-earned. NATHAN WEINGARDT has been working with The Source since 2013. There’s a chance you’ve spoken with him! He sets appointments for water testing, organizes appointments for technicians to help families, and creates new relationships while maintaining connections with our current loved customers. Nathan believes that better water changes the way we live. Our customers

Welcome to the Clean Water Family! Meet Our Brilliant Team at The Source H2O Welcome to our happy Clean Water Family! If you’re reading this newsletter, you’ve likely already invested and installed our in-house custom engineered water systems for your home or workplace. You might be proudly calling yourself a “water snob” like we do. We get it. It’s hard to go back! We don’t usually endorse snobbery, but we make a small exception when it comes to water quality. After all, clean water isn’t just about increasing your quality of life; it’s also about protecting your healthy lifestyle.

enjoy better hair, skin, and appearance overall, and clean water can preserve your clothes for longer. In addition to your food tasting better, clean water keeps your home safe because appliances and dishware are clean from buildup. Nathan’s favorite activities outside of work include reading with his family, tickling his daughter while they shop at Target, weight lifting, and ministering to men at Denver County Jail.

Now that you’re one of us, we want you to meet more of our brilliant team members who will be helping you!

MYSTIE CODY , also known as MIMI , has been with us since June 2016, and she’s our PR/finance manager. She helps explain the financial process customers go through, but also goes into customers’ homes to teach them how to use their water. She believes strongly that your health, inside and out, is positively affected by having cleaner water, plus clean water lessens the rate

KEITH DECKER became part of the family in August 2015. As one of our leading sales and marketing employees, he jokes that he’s “the pretty face that brings people through the door.” There’s a lot of reasons why Keith is so passionate and dedicated to his work at The Source, but mainly, he likes to

appliances will break down. Her favorite things to do outside of work are spending time with family, painting, doing landscape and wildlife photography, and walking her goats! Yes, you read that right. She has adorable goats.

meet our customers, hear their stories, and see the impact of clean water on their lives. Visiting their homes and seeing the universe from their perspectives are Keith’s job highlights. He believes clean water can only affect your life positively. Outside of work, he’s a frequent rock climber!

MICHELLE FAVOREL has been working in the water industry for 19 years and joined The Source H2O in 2004. She works in our customer service department and does an amazing job. She loves our customers and the relationships she builds with them as time goes on. It’s best explained in her words: “I get paid to talk to people. I love it!” Michelle agrees with all the clean water benefits mentioned

KIMBERLY KUROVSKY started with us in May 2019, and she’s a real water technician extraordinaire. Not only is she excellent at connecting with others and passing on information about our systems, but she also enjoys bringing the value of our systems to our customers’ homes. Her favorite parts of our

by her coworkers with an important addition: clear ice cubes. Beyond work, she loves spending time with her family and The Source H2O friends, camping, and planting seeds everywhere she goes.

customized systems in her own home are that her coffee and tea taste way better and her skin and hair feel healthier — plus, she hasn’t experienced acid reflux since The Source’s installation. Outside of work hours, she enjoys tending her garden and cooking for others.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us! Stay tuned for our future newsletters, and keep up with the ways clean water can help you!

–The Source H2OTeam


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