UMS Case Study: Essex Police

outcomes in relation to enhanced mem- bership, coverage, intelligence, promo- ting neighbourhood policing and crime prevention. CommUNITy mESSAgINg SySTEm Our community messaging system had met all the requirements for Essex Police and had introduced additional functions that will supplement crime prevention in Essex. A multitude of channels were provided to fully reach and involve all members of the commu- nity, this incorporated the use of email, SMS, voice call, social media, web pub- lishing and push notifications within the application. The key focus in design was simplicity. Our platform had to be intuitive for IT users of all levels: our quick five step sending process is a testament of our ease of use:

self-explanatory; using maps provided by Google, circular or customised poly- gon selections can be saved for later use including selecting pre-assigned DMAs. Geo-fencing technologies incorporates these boundaries by sending alerts to users who enter a designated area, a perfect feature for location-enabled de- vices. An important aspect was the ability for two-way communication to be enabled or disabled before a sending, so that an appeal for information can be easily replied through a user’s preferred chan- nel whereas a general announcement would not require responses. As a communications company we are fully aware of the risks of channel con- gestion and the dependency of telecom- munications especially in times of emer- gency, which is exactly the reason why we have patented technology to prevent overloading on any communication net- work. An additional feature we had introduced to Essex Police was the necessity of an App, in order to future proof the solution and incorporate a wider community, the existence of an app would bridge and engage the community on a larger scale. The benefits of real-time location based REvoLUTIoNARy mobILE APPLICATIoN

“Essex Community Messaging will get key crime and crime prevention information out to communities faster than ever before. It will also improve the two-way flow of information about community safety between Essex Police, neighbourhood and other watch groups, and the people of Essex”.

Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex

1. Name of the alert 2. Select recipients 3. Select channel 4. Compose message 5. Send

From the very start, UMS had recognised Essex Police’s existing electoral wards, sub-wards and district metered areas (DMA) and ensured that the boundaries and data would be fully integrated onto the mapping system. Map selection is


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