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Do you find your neck aching at the end of the day or stiff in the morning? Do you have headaches more than once a week? You are not alone. According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Over 15% of those, suffer from chronic neck pain and 27% with back pain. (continued inside)

The Axcess Bulletin The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body AUGUST 2018

Aaron Fuerst PT, DPT, CWCE, FAAOMPT If you have pain, you shouldn’t ignore it. We can help you feel better fast!

Relief &BetterMotion For AchingNecks

Why does neck pain happen? There is a golden rule, that the structure of your body governs its function. Your body, especially your neck, relies on good flexibility, posture, strength and coordination. In our daily lives, we place tremendous strain and demand on our neck. Poor posture when sitting or stress causes weakness in our postural muscles. In addition, this causes long-term damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons of the neck. This chronic strain and stress on the neck causes inflammation, which over time will increase aches and pains. Institute of Medicine Report from the Committee on Advancing Pain Research, Care, and Education: Relieving Pain in America, A Blueprint for Transforming Pre- vention, Care, Education and Research. The National Academies Press, 2011.

In a survey conducted with over 300 chronic pain sufferers, 59% reported an impact on the quality of their life and 77% of those surveyed reported feeling depressed. Even small amounts of pain, can lead to a downward spiral in quality of life, energy, and well-being. However, it doesn’t have to be this way and dependency on medication is not the answer. Discovering and treating the root cause of your pain is the answer. Physical therapy is the natural solution for treating the mechanical cause of your pain. The neck is an incredible part of your body with 7 vertebrae (bones), over 16 joints and many muscles in the front and back of your neck. The greatest concentration of muscles and tissues is in the upper neck, at the base of your skull. This is where many of the larger muscles that support the head attach, to support your head and neck. Needless to say, this is a very tightly packed area and muscle tension can affect blood flow to the scalp, causing headaches.

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What can be done? Neck pain is most often relieved by simply restoring the proper movement and mechanics of the neck. Think of your neck much like the machinery in a car. Keeping it well maintained and in good alignment, will allow it to perform well. Here are the key areas you need to focus on to reduce your neck pain: • Have good posture when sitting and standing. • Restore your flexibility to the neck muscles and joints. • Strengthen your mid-back muscles and shoulders to support your neck. • Improve coordination of your neck muscles. • Eat well, reducing consumption of processed foods and food that increases inflammation in your body. • Seek professional help for aches and pains lasting more than 3 days. A physical therapist is the muscle and skeletal specialist who analyzes your posture and movement, then helps you restore posture, flexibility and strength. Why physical therapy relieves neck pain Many people have discovered the benefits of seeing a physical therapist first when they have aches and pains. Our physical therapists are experts in analyzing your posture and movement, spotting your true trouble source. From there, our medical training allows us to create a proper treatment plan Key Areas To Focus On Reducing Neck Pain Virtually unheard of two years ago, “text neck” is a repetitive strain injury that’s becoming more common as more people hunch over smartphones. Aggravating muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, and sometimes lower back, is occurring even in teens and adolescents. How can using a smartphone or other mobile device cause so much hurt? It’s all in how you look at it. Literally. Looking down, dropping your head forward, changes the natural curvature of your neck. Over time, that misalignment can strain muscles and cause wear and tear on the structures of the neck. Three things happen when you drop your head: 1. Your neck moves forward. 2. Your shoulders round forward or lift up toward your ears. 3. Your neck and shoulder muscles spasm (contract). Besides muscle pain, text neck can cause a host of other health concerns. Sitting in a slumped position restricts your lungs’ ability to expand, impairing your lung capacity. Inhaling less oxygen means your heart needs to pump harder to distribute more oxygen-carrying blood through your body.

that will quickly relieve your pain, improve your posture, mobility, strength and coordination. We even teach you how to maintain your improvements with specific, gentle exercises. Think of us as the mechanics for your body. Come in for a regular tune up and your neck and back will be as good as new. To learn more about how our SPINE Program can help you eliminate your neck pain, call us today.

Is Your Smartphone Causing Your Neck Pain?

Three tricks to nix text neck 1. Straighten up. Learn proper posture and neck alignment by peeking at your profile in a mirror. If you’re standing correctly, you should be able to draw a vertical line from your ear to your shoulder. 2. Arch back. If your posture isn’t perfect, try doing shoulder extensions. Arch your neck and upper back backward, pulling your shoulders into alignment under your ears. This simple stretch can alleviate stress and muscle pain. 3. Look forward. Rather than tilting your chin down to read your mobile device, raise the device to eye level. The same goes for your desktop computer. Your monitor screen should be at eye level so your head isn’t perpetually dropping and causing muscle strain.

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Patient Success Spotlights

We can help with more than just neck pain. Check out some of our other patient success stories!


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“I had severe pain in my right elbow and shoulder that resulted in surgery. After surgery I began working with Axcess to get back in shape. When I started, I could not throw a ball even once. Writing was even a challenge, but after about 2 months with Axcess, my arm is much better than before. I am now throwing and will soon return to baseball activities. Axcess Physical Therapy is a fantastic facility that I would recommend to anyone, Thank you Axcess.” - Uriah T. “Axcess Physical Therapy is a fantastic facility that I would recommend to anyone”

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Strengthens Neck CHIN TUCK While sitting with good posture gently tuck chin in (nod yes). Repeat 6 times.


“As I came to Axcess (Aaron) very weak & in pain. After about 6 weeks I feel 80% better! Axcess has a great facility as well. Aaron explained everything that we did from strengthen to pain. Thanks so much Axcess Physical Therapy and Aaron.” - Brian T. “After about 6 weeks I feel 80% better!”

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