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September 2019

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Fall and Football Beating the Back-to-School Blues

Well, it’s finally happened. Entering second grade and kindergarten, respectively, Jude and Luke have reached the ages where the novelty of going back to school has worn off. They figured out how great summer is, and now they’re bummed that a new semester is starting up again. Still, I think once they see all their old friends in class, they’ll come around. Thankfully, summer isn’t the only thing our boys have grown to like. Last fall was the first time they were able to really sit down and enjoy a football game. I think Luke is just following his older brother’s example so far, but Jude seems legitimately interested in the sport. This is great news for me — I need another family member on my side, rooting for the TV to be on all Sunday. Thinking back, I probably got into football around the same age as Jude. Growing up just outside of Baton Rouge, it was impossible not to become an LSU fan at a young age. It took me a little longer to get into the NFL, however. This was back during the old Dome Patrol days, when the Saints were the kings of defense. In general, pro football games were relatively slow moving in the ‘80s. It was not the mobile, air-based game it is today. As impressive as Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, and the rest of the squad were at shutting down offenses, great defense rarely makes for good TV. Still, by the time I was around 12, I started collecting cards and following the players. Sure enough, I became a lifelong fan. My boys, meanwhile, have not had a problem getting into the Saints in this day and age. Drew Brees isn’t just a fantastic quarterback; he’s also a great role model. I didn’t have one of those classic “All-American” athletes to look up to when I was Jude’s age. As a fan and a father, I’m glad my kids have such a great home quarterback to be inspired by.

perfect for getting out and enjoying the outdoors. As a family, we love riding our bikes out to the Fly and tossing around our own football. Who knows? Maybe Jude will work his way up to playing on a school team one day! So, while the boys may not be as enthusiastic about the change of seasons, I’m more than looking forward to it. September is a great time to get back into the swing of things. Even adults seem to get more organized once school is back in session. Still, take my advice and enjoy the lovely weather while it lasts!

Of course, it’s not just the start of pro football season that has me excited for fall. The (slightly) cooler weather September brings is

-Seth Smiley

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