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Explosion Resistant Assembly | 4055 Igniters


ERA igniters are intended for use in systems that require sealed ignition wiring. They have a ¾ "-20 threaded igniter connection for sealed aircraft type ignition wiring, and are intended for Class 1 Div. 2 applications. Although the wiring method used between the ignition transformer and the spark plug was designed and chosen to be suitable for use in Class 1 Div. 2 hazardous locations, it DOES NOT carry certifications or third party approvals. Standard 6000 volt transformers and 4085-ERA ignition cables are used with these igniters.


4055-A-B-C-D-E-ERA igniters have a ¾ " NPT threaded connection and are intended for use in systems that require sealed ignition wiring that normally accept the 4055 igniters. The "A" dimension is the same as the regular 4055 igniters. The adapter and set screw is made from stainless steel and the ground wire is a high Nickel alloy. See the application sizing guide on page 1 for the list of burners that can be lit directly with 4055-ERA igniters.

3⁄32 " gap

2 ¾ "


¾ " NPT

1 ½ "

¾" -20 UNEF 2A for use with 4085-ERA cable

Ground Wire

Set Screw (secures ground wire and sets gap)

Adpater 1 1⁄8" HEX


4055-A-B-C-D-E ERA DIMENSIONS and SPARE PARTS Designation "A" Dimension Electrode Ground Wire Adapter

Set Screw

4055-A-ERA 4055-B-ERA 4055-C-ERA 4055-D-ERA 4055-E-ERA


4-54882-1 4-54882-2 4-54882-3 4-54882-4 4-54882-5


4-54893-1 R776-1400-S

2 3⁄8 " 2 7⁄8 " 1 11⁄16 "

4-54892-2 4-54893-1 R776-1400-S 4-54892-3 4-54893-1 R776-1400-S 4-54892-4 4-54893-1 R776-1400-S 4-54892-5 4-54893-1 R776-1400-S

1 7⁄8 "

* All 4-54882-# electrodes are built with specially modified versions of igniters labeled as "Auburn SI-322". Do not replace the electrode in a 4055-#-ERA with an unmodified "Auburn SI-322" electrode. It will not function like the original 4055.

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