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4058 Sizing and custom configurations



Tables 1 and 2 show pre-configured 4058 modules for use with many standard North American burners through their standard angled pilot boss ports. To use the tables, pick the intersecting configuration between the burner model at the top of the table and the size on the left. These lengths are suitable to lighting gas or oil burners. For lighting gas only burners it is acceptable to use a retraction assembly 4 inches shorter, and an igniter 8 inches shorter.

The 4058-CSS igniter is configured by selecting the igniter extension length needed. Since the the igniter tip adds 12 inches to the length of the igniter, subtract 12" from the igniter length to find the correct extension length needed. The igniter length needed for a 4058 retraction assembly is: (2 X cylinder stroke) + (Approximate Igniter Tip Protrusion) + (8.50) rounded to the nearest available igniter length (28-80" in 2 inch increments). Multiple extension rods can be used together if an igniter longer than 80 inches is needed or if shorter segments are needed for assembly clearance. They are available from 16" to 68" in 2 inch increments, see Chart # for part numbers . ATTACHING A 4058 TO A BURNER BACKPLATE AND FIND- ING THE IGNITER TIP PROTRUSION LENGTH For applications where the 4058 is attached to the burner back- plate or a windbox use a guide tube between the cylinder and the burner stabilizer to ensure that the igniter can be extended into the lighting area reliably. The 4058 igniter can be attached to the burner over a 1 ½ " hole surrounded with four (4) threaded studs on a 1-1/2" 150# ANSI flange pattern (3 7⁄8 " B.C.). Use a retraction length between 2 and 6 inches, depending on thermal conditions. The igniter protrusion will be whatever length is need to traverse the length of the burner air body or windbox. See figure #8.

If the desired burner configuration is not on one of the tables, use the instructions below for custom configurations.

Note that “igniter length” is the extension rod length plus 12 inches (305 mm). The exciter box also adds 1-3 inches (25 to 76 mm) to the total length. If special adapters with longer lengths or with added isolating valves are used, the igniter length must be increased to compensate. PICKING A CYLINDER The cylinder length needed for a 4058 retraction assembly, is generally the same length as the “Insertion Length” rounded to the nearest appropriate cylinder stroke size available. Available stroke lengths are: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 inches. Use the shortest appropriate cylinder stroke size to minimize the length of the assembly, and cylinder rod thermal exposure. FINDING THE IGNITER TIP PROTRUSION LENGTH WHEN ATTACHING TO AN ANGLED PILOT BOSS. For applications where the igniter is attached to a standard angled pilot boss at the exit of the burner body, the approximate igniter tip protrusion length should be the distance needed to put the igniter tip flush with the entrance of the ignition boss, use this equation: Igniter Tip Protrusion = (Adapter Length) + (3.38) Example : for a 4058 system with a 4058-AF-3 adapter Igniter Tip Protrusion = (2.5) + (3.38) = 5.88" This dimension is approximate because the igniter tip protrusion length can vary by a few inches to compensate for the difference between the desired "Insertion Length" and the available cylinder stoke and igniter sizes. Once all the 4058 modules are configured a final more accurate length can be calculated with this equation:

(4) ½ "-13 Studs on 1 ½ " ANSI Pattern (3 7⁄8 " B.C.) Around 1 5⁄8 " hole

Extended Igniter Tip Ti

Guide Tube 1.50" OD X .120 Wall with 1 ½ " ANSI Style Flange

Final Igniter Tip Protrusion =

Retracted Igniter Tip

(Igniter Length") - (2 X Cylinder Stroke") - 8".

Figure 8: Typical 4058 mounting on a Burner Backplate

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