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Installation & Lifting Instructions | 4225 EcoFornax ™ SLEx

Bulletin 4225 page 7

Reference DF-M1 and DF-M2 for further installation instructions.

No special lifting accessories are required for the SLEx, as the burners have integrated lifting lugs. Each of the smaller burners (4225-6 through 4225-9) have four lifting lugs on the front face of the burner. Two or more of the lugs should be used during installation. The larger burners (4225-10-A through 4225-16) have a similar set of four lifting lugs on the front face of the burner as well as an additional four on the rear. At least two lugs from each side should be used during installation.

Front Lifting Lugs

Rear Lifting Lugs

Install Mounting Gasket

Wrap Tile with Fiber


Part Name 4225-16 Igniter Assembly 4051-XL-4.41 4051-XL-4.41 4051-XL-4.91 4051-XL-7.11 4051-XL-8.03 4051-XL-8.03 4051-XL-8.28 4051-XL-9.28 4051-XL-11.28 Backplate and 4225-6-BA 4225-7-BA 4225-8-BA 4225-9-BA 4225-10-A-BA 4225-10-B-BA 4225-12-BA 4225-14-BA 4225-16-BA Internals Assembly 4225-6 4225-7 4225-8 4225-9 4225-10-A 4225-10-B 4225-12 4225-14

The 4051-XL Igniter is available with the aircraft style ERA connection witch requires a special "4085-ERA" cable. See Bulletin 4051 for more information.

WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property may exist with the operation and maintenance of any combustion equipment. The presence of fuels, oxidants, hot and cold combustion products, hot surfaces, electrical power in control and ignition circuits, etc., are inherent with any combustion application. Components in combustion systems may exceed 160°F (71°C) surface temperatures and present hot surface contact hazard. Fives North American Combustion, Inc. suggests the use of combustion systems that are in compliance with all Safety Codes, Standards, Regulations and Directives; and care in operation.

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