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Arrangement Designators are specified relative to the main air connection at 12 o'clock and should be listed for pilot, gas, and flame detector in that order. Good practice dictates that neither the pilot nor the flame supervision device be on the bottom of the burner.

main air conn.

Pilot position designators are

Gas connection position designators are

Flame supervision designators are (must be 90 or 180º from pilot)

view from outside furnace

Fuel Directed Burner Tile Installation Recommendations for Hard Refractory LIned Furnaces

 Furnace opening should be ½ " larger than dimension EE for - 8 thru - 14 ; ¾ " larger than dimension EE for - 16 thru - 26 .  Any tile length greater than GG  1.2 should have a 30° angled flare from the standard tile extension.  Two wraps of ½ " soft fiberglass rope (Davlyn #100801 or equivalent) suitable for 1000 F service. North Ameri- can can supply as part no. R540-0365. Specify length when ordering.  Expansion joints must be provided in surrounding refractory to prevent pressure being exerted on cast or rammed burner tunnel section.

WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property may exist with the operation and maintenance of any combustion equipment. The presence of fuels, oxidants, hot and cold combustion products, hot surfaces, electrical power in control and ignition circuits, etc., are inherent with any combustion application. Components in combustion systems may exceed 160°F (71°C) surface temperatures and present hot surface contact hazard. Fives North American Combustion, Inc. suggests the use of combustion systems that are in compliance with all Safety Codes, Standards, Regulations and Directives; and care in operation.

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