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The 4419/6419 series burner requires a tile that is formed by ramming or pouring refractory around a mandrel in the furnace wall. Fives North American can supply an alignment fixture with a nickel plated aluminum mandrel. The alignment fixture holds the man- drel in the correct location relative to the burner exit. The nose of the mandrel also has 4" of extra length to accommodate curved wall construction. OPTIONAL TILE MANDRELS FOR RAMMED AND POURED WALLS

38 11⁄16


Tile Mandrel Alignment Fixture

Tile Mandrel

4419/6419 Series

-6-A, -6-B -7-A, -7-B 4-33092-1 4-33093-1

Tile Mandrel

Tile Mandrel Alignment Fixture


Tile Mandrel Assembly

4-32490-1 4-42129-1

TYPICAL RATIO CONTROL SCHEMATIC Does not include gas train components. Atomizing air and oil lines are not used on the 4419 gas only version.

Motorized Air Valve for Zone Capacity Control

1122 Butterfly Valve

Combustion Air

1122 Butterfly Valve

Atomizing Air

1813 Sensitrol™ Oil Valve

#2 Fuel Oil

1821 Shutoff Valve

8598A Oil Meter

7052 Ratiotrol™ Oil Regulator

Atomizing Air P. = 20 osi (16 osi min.)

See Note

Ignition Transformer

Ignition Gas (for lighting #2 fuel oil)

1821 Shutoff Valve

1807 Limiting Orifice Valve

Fuel Gas

1821 Shutoff Valve

1807 Limiting Orifice Valve

8697 Metering Orifice

7216 Regulator

NOTE: Gas connection is shown at bottom for clarity. Whenever possible gas and air connections should not be located at the bottom of the burner on dual fuel applications.

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