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DMC DMC System Components

The DMC System is built on two key components: The Tempest ® DMC Burner and DMC Controller. TEMPEST ® DMC BURNER

DIFFUSE MODE COMBUSTION Diffuse Mode Combustion (DMC) is a flameless technology that can achieve ultra-low NOx emissions while improving temperature uniformity in a wide range of high temperature applications. The flameless technology allows fuel to combust in the furnace instead of within the burner tile. The result is a lower maximum flame temperature (ultra-low NOx) and elimination of point sources of radiant energy (+/-10° F temperature uniformity capable).

DMC CONTROLLER The DMC Controller is a Safety PLC based Burner Management System (BMS) that provides control of burner safety functions for furnaces incorporating Diffuse Mode Combustion. It provides control of all combustion safety logic including all required interlocks, flame supervision and transitioning between the standard and DMC modes of operation. The DMC Controller is designed to interface with the furnace process controls including automatically transitioning in a controlled manner to and from DMC mode as the furnace conditions dictate. The diagnostic and communication capabilities of the DMC Controller is greatly enhanced over conventional relay based systems. The integrated system reduces the complexity and quantity of hard wired circuits and related components, thereby significantly reducing the number of points of failure.

The Tempest® DMC Burner retains all of the best features of the Tempest burner series including high velocity combustion, low NOx emissions, wide operating range, reliable ignition, built-in air and gas metering orifices, flame rod flame supervision and proven rugged construction for long life. The simple design of the self-supporting alumina mullite tile, without any complex air and gas staging pathways, eases installation into any refractory wall and lowers the life cycle maintenance costs. The slotted tile’s restricted opening promotes furnace gas recirculation assisting in achieving the most stringent of temperature uniformity surveys. The Tempest DMC Burner is ideal for use with StepFire™, pulse firing or modulating control systems and can be used with cross connected ratio regulator, metered flow or thermal turndown system designs.

COMMON APPLICATIONS • Forge furnaces • Heat treat furnaces • Roller hearth furnaces • Continuous strip lines • Indirect fired rotary kilns

• Most continuous or batch furnaces in a NOx-sensitive location that operate part or all of the time at a temperature above the fuel's auto-ignition point.

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