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Bulletin 4015/4025 Page 8

10MM EXPLOSION RESISTANT ASSEMBLY (ERA) IGNITERS FOR PILOT TIPS See Bulletin 4055 for more detailed information.



The 4055-X-ERA 10mm igniter is intended to ignite pilot tips in Class 1 Div. 2 applications. It has a ¾ "-20 threaded igniter con- nection for sealed aircraft type ignition wiring. Although the wiring method used between the ignition trans- former and the spark plug was designed and chosen to be suit- able for use in Zone 2 hazardous locations, it DOES NOT carry certifications or third party approvals.


See Bulletin 4085 for more detailed information.

4085-ERA cables connect to North American ERA igniters and other spark igniters with the standard ¾“-20 threaded connec- tion and 1 ½ " deep contact connection. See Sheet 4055 and 4051 for details and additional sizes of ERA Igniters.


See Sheet 8666 for more detailed information.

Allow 6" minimum flame clearance

The 8666 Testip facilitates setting air/fuel ratio when premix flames are not easily visible. The Testip is installed in a positive pressure mixture line and lit with a manual torch. Air/gas ratio is adjusted in the mixer until Testip flame seems appropriate. Testips are turned off and removed after the ratio has been set. Since the Testip diverts some of the premix into itself, confirm the pilot ratio is still good after turning it off. Use caution with 8666 Testips they are small burners and get very hot when run. Outdoors, the flame can be difficult to see in direct sunlight.

1⁄8 NPT


4 11⁄16 "

— A purple tinge indicates a lean ratio. — A greenish-blue inner cone denotes a rich fire. — Compare Testip flame with known correct burner ratio setting.

WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property may exist with the operation and maintenance of any combustion equipment. The presence of fuels, oxidants, hot and cold combustion products, hot surfaces, electrical power in control and ignition circuits, etc., are inherent with any combustion application. Components in combustion systems may exceed 160°F (71°C) surface temperatures and present hot surface contact hazard. Fives North American Combustion, Inc. suggests the use of combustion systems that are in compliance with all Safety Codes, Standards, Regulations and Directives; and care in operation.

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