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Operating Instructions. Open air shutter to maximum, switch on spark, open ¼“ globe gas valve until burner is lighted properly. Continue opening the valve as far as possible while maintaining stability. (with the ¼“ valve opened full; the maximum gas pres- sure should be limited to 25 psi.) If a richer, longer fire is desired, the air shutter can then be restricted (not closed) .

Applications. 4018 pilots are used for lighting small burners, flame curtains, or spot heating. Because the gas inspirates its own air, a combustion blower is not required. Application Limitations. 4018 High Pressure Gas Pilots are not recommended for use with sealed-in burners or combustion chamber pressures more than a few hundredths of an inch of water column above or below atmospheric pressure. The 4018-M Manual Ignition Pilot is difficult to light when the furnace pressure is more than 0.02"w.c.

Materials of Construction: Globe valve:

— Body and Stem = Bronze — Disc = PTFE — Hand Wheel = Malleable Iron

If a higher capacity ¾ " pilot is needed and a combustion blower is available, consider a North American 4011/4021 pilot.

Pilot tip = 304 Stainless Steel Inspirator/Mixer Chamber:

If more capacity is needed for spot heating, consider a North American 4682 burner with a 3070 mixer.

— Body = 304 Stainless Steel — Shutter and Spud = Brass

Pipe coupling = Galvanized Iron



Natural Gas Flow Flame Length

Natural Gas Pressure


(mbar) (345) (690) (1380)

Btu/h HHV (kW LHV)

scfh (Nm 3 /hr)

inch (mm)


5100 7300

(1.4) (1.9) (2.6)

5.1 7.3

(.14) (.20) (.27)

4 6

(100) (150) (215)






R240-2465 Igniter/Spark Plug

dimensions inches (mm) 2.19 (56)

The R240-2465 spark plug has a 10mm thread, ¼ " Ø terminal and 5⁄8 " hex. It is included with 4018 pilot with spark ignition. It ships with a 0.034 Inch gap, but in some cases a slightly larger gap (0.05) is more reliable. The maximum gap is about 0.090" (electrode at 45° angle). Energize with a 4065 6000- volt transformer, using a 4085 ignition cable (both purchased separately)

OTHER PILOT BULLETINS AND ACCESSORIES see product details on bulletins or sheets listed below:



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Pilot Tips ( ¾ " Outlet and ½ " Inlet)

WARNING: Situations dangerous to personnel and property may exist with the operation and maintenance of any combustion equipment. The presence of fuels, oxidants, hot and cold combustion products, hot surfaces, electrical power in control and ignition circuits, etc., are inherent with any combustion application. Components in combustion systems may exceed 160°F (71°C) surface temperatures and present hot surface contact hazard. Fives North American Combustion, Inc. suggests the use of combustion systems that are in compliance with all Safety Codes, Standards, Regulations and Directives; and care in operation.

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