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PHYSICAL DEMAND Each tour comes with a physical demand rating that indicates how much physical activity is included within the itinerary. This can range from some gentle sightseeing to more challenging full-day hikes. Most people with an average level of fitness should cope easily with anything up to level 3.

ACCOMMODATION LEVELS Tours feature a range of accommodation categories across all destinations, from outback campsites to luxurious palaces. For ease of comparison, these categories have been standardised to create a 3, 4 or 5

star rating level for each tour. CULTURAL INTEREST

All tours include some level of cultural sightseeing inclusions. Those we deem to be of special cultural interest include: Page Tour 26 The Colour of Red 58 Tane Mahuta 69 Hawaiian Seascapes 106 Landscapes of the Canadian Maritimes 114 Sprit of Central America 131 Rio Carnival Experience 142 Morocco, Sahara & Beyond 150 Discover Ethiopia 172 Heritage of Leh & Ladakh 186 Thailand Real Food Adventure 203 Temples of Angkor 210 Boutique Asia - Sichuan Experience 215 Trails of Japan

= Sightseeing only = Short walks = Gentle cycling or hiking = Hill climbing, longer walks and hikes = Strenuous full-day trekking

GROUP PASSENGER NUMBERS On each tour we provide maximum passenger figures for guidance on the possible size of the group and number of travelling companions you might expect. Often, however, groups may depart with less passengers than the maximum indicated. Occasionally, if passenger numbers are very low then 2 departures may join together or the group may travel as a private tour. Independent and Private Tours may travel with any number from 1 or 2 passengers upward, according to your party size.


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