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Cap sur Tamarin is the quarterly magazine of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village. This magazine has been designed to provide you Smart & Happy News in the region, some shopping tips, a few must-try activities, and wonderful encounters with our residents of Cap Tamarin and much more...


Integrating art into the lifestyle of Cap Tamarin The raison d’être of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is to contribute to enhancing the quality of life for the people and users of the area.

Mastering this art requires you to: Paint a backdrop of greenery. These spaces are the lungs of the city.

Apply a coat of safety. Make it a stable and peaceful place to live, with well-thought-out infrastructure and all daily conveniences within close proximity. Create a view of the future. One that provides the means for self-fulfilment as a player in society and human development. Add texture to the sense of place. The feeling of a close-knit community that thrives on interaction and encounters. Mix in the primary colours of life – the colours of a vibrant cultural and social scene offering plenty of unforgettable experiences. Breathe in, breathe out, live the dream of being in a picture- perfect location!


Table of contents

06 - Welcome to Sophie Aubriet’s planet 07 - Portrait of Ashvin Rambhojun 08 - Portraits by Stéphane Mussard 10 - 3 questions to Géraldine Jauffret

11 - Triumphal Dodo Trail in 3 telling pictures 12 - Street Art at Tamarin 14 - Necker Tennis Open : game, set and match

16 - What is a Smart City ? Chapter 4 : Smart Living 18 - RMCLUB enters new territory 20 - Espace Maison increase it’s space and choice 21 - Cœur Cap Tamarin in a nutshell

22 - A trip to La Place Cap Tamarin 24 - A tour of the Black River Gorges 26 - 5 fruits you can eat without guilt this summer!

27 - Quiz !



Welcome to Sophie Aubriet ’s planet

Sophie Aubriet has made custom travel her vocation. She has decided to settle down in Cap Tamarin, from where she helps you craft your dream getaway. Let’s catch up with the artisan of your travel desires.

Travelling the world Originally from Paris, Sophie started her career with a travel agency in 1999. She very quickly went on to become a sales representative for a promising start-up tour operator. In 2007, meeting with her husband-to- be, Gregory was a life-changer for Sophie. “One week after we met, we quit our jobs to travel the world!” Moving to Tamarin The rest almost came naturally. After working in a variety of roles from Head of Products to Product Manager with various employers, Sophie founded in 2015 her own tour operating business specialised in custom travel, Planète Production. In 2018, she decided to settle in Mauritius with her family for its proximity to Africa and Asia, the gentle way of life, kitesurfing, golf – and the friendly atmosphere of Tamarin. New direction Sophie is constantly on the lookout for new destinations. Botswana, Malawi and Zambia always move her to tears, but there are so many hidden treasures yet to be discovered on the planet. If you have dreams of

visiting the Arabian Desert, the wild Kenyan reserves, the vast expanses of Australia, the nature parks of Slovenia or the limestone canyons of Saudi Arabia, Sophie is the right person to turn them into reality!

Planète Production

483 0045


Ashvin Rambhujun , Architect, O’Patio Residence

“ Modernisation is important, but a village draws its charm from its soul ”

Why embrace architecture if not for to enhance your environment and make people’s lives more beautiful. Ashvin Rambhujun has been practising as an architect in Mauritius for nine years. After working in various firms on the island, he set up Architectural Revolution Ltd, specialising in sustainable architecture, in 2017. Inspired by the “less is more” approach of the American architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, simplicity has become his signature. This is reflected in the architecture of O’Patio Residence in Cap Tamarin with clean, modern lines designed in harmony with the landscape of the site. O’Patio is one of the young architect’s favourite projects, combining two of his main concerns, cultural heritage and the environment. While working on this development, he noticed that Tamarin has a strong community feel that brings the residents together. They like to meet and talk to each other while enjoying the village, its landscape and climate. Ashvin translates this

atmosphere into large common terraces planted with tropical foliage, which serve as meeting places for residents. He believes that while modernisation is important, a town or village draws its charm from its soul.“As an architect, I have a moral duty to respect and enhance it,” confides Ashvin. He has also made a point to design O’Patio Residence for optimum energy consumption: waste water will be used for irrigation and solar water heaters will be installed. With its modern, smart and environmentally-friendly architecture, Ashvin’s creation is a new heritage asset for Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village.

For more information about the project


Continuing from our previous issue, we bring you a few more portraits by the photographer and video artist, Stéphane Mussard. He is deeply in love with his village and this series introduces to us some of the people who are the driving force of Tamarin.

Malika Malika is a teacher at École Paul et Virginie. She believes that education consists above all in taking into account the individuality of each pupil to create citizens who respect others and the environment. Her favourite technique is play-based learning!

James After spending 39 years working for the CEB, James has been taking care of the churches of Saint Thomas, Saint Augustine and Our Lady of Fatima for 6 years. A tireless handyman, he has now retired and continues to work at home with his family.


Éric For 10 years, Éric has been running La Cosa Nostra, a highly successful pizzeria with a menu of no fewer than 42 pizzas! This native of Grenoble has also opened a small rotisserie next to his restaurant.

Armella Armella has been working as a hairdresser in the Tamarin

area for over 19 years. This highly motivated

woman’s motto is: where there’s a will, there’s a way! She opened her own salon a few years ago.


As announced in our previous issue, a diagnostic centre and outpatient clinic, will soon move to Tamarin! Work is well underway and we have met with the CEO, Géraldine Jauffret, in order to know what drives Life Together’s desire to put people at the heart of their approach through a new positioning in the health and well-being sector. How are the human and psychological dimensions included in the current health system? Through mutual trust, which is achieved by listening and sharing! Patients are increasingly aware, demanding and attentive, and their pain must be treated as a whole to alleviate physical, psychological and emotional suffering. They have access to health professionals who want to offer the best care in a state-of- the-art and secure environment. We are human beings caring for and supporting other human beings! Why do health and well-being require research and development? Research helps us better understand the beauty and complexity of our bodies, our minds, and the environment in which we live. In curative and preventive care, we use the innovation of our research and development division to assist market players: CIDP in terms of clinical research, Panacea in the field of aromatherapy, etc.

What exactly is the care and health process at Life Together? Life Together offers patients a holistic, lifelong approach through a five-step healthcare pathway – prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and support. A Life I C+S diagnostic centre and a Life I Viva ambulatory This process will allow the various professionals involved to work together and exchange information for comprehensive patient care. The latter are surrounded, supervised and accompanied to face their disease with serenity. clinic will be operational in Cap Tamarin in early 2023.



A triumphal Dodo Trail in 3 telling pictures

A good sweat, combined with amazing scenery contributed to the success of the 10th edition of the Dodo Trail on 16 July 2022. This long-awaited sporting event sponsored by Riverland Sports Club and Cap Tamarin attracted some international trail running stars this year!

Simon Desvaux de Marigny , the winner of the men’s 50km Xtreme crossing the finish line at Riverland Sports Club. ©Clyde Koa Wing/Dodo Trail

Majestic minute to enjoy the breathtaking view of Le Morne Brabant Mountain at refreshment point No. 2. ©Eric Lee/Dodo Trail

Maud Combarieu in the Gorges. The world-renowned athlete won

the women’s 50km Xtreme. ©Clyde Koa Wing/Dodo Trail


#FeelCapTamarin Using art to shape urban spaces Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village is set to become the hotspot of the West Coast and a place where quality of life takes centre stage. Art and culture hold a special place and a call for street art projects was launched in early 2022. #FeelCapTamarin was the theme chosen to visually share the story of Cap Tamarin, its values, history, present time and projects, among others. A total of 25 artists were selected to create murals in These urban artworks depicting salt workers, surfers, mountain or water landscapes recount the tale of everyday life and enhance the city’s value while improving the living environment for residents and users of Tamarin. The participation of the local people and pupils from École Paul & Virginie has helped create bonds and strengthen the sense of belonging to the region. Beyond the value added for the village, these murals also contain certain messages about education, environmental protection, representation of extinct species, etc. They are a reminder of the fragility of our island and the need to take care of it. different places of the Smart & Happy Village.


#FeelCapTamarin is also a project that fosters access to art, which was taken out of the usual cultural venues and put within everyone’s reach to serve as a showcase for amateur and established local artists. Among the 25 participants selected by the jury, the public voted for Alison Fricain, Syam Mudhoo and Giovanni Laurent. The Smart & Happy Village puts special emphasis on pedestrian access and this street art ‘exhibition’ can be enjoyed on foot. Come and take a stroll around Cap Tamarin to discover their works!


prizes awarded to the winners and finalists in each category, including stays at Tekoma Boutik Hotel, airline tickets and cash prizes – special thanks to the sponsors!

loyal volunteers who helped as mini-tennis umpires.

unforgettable editions.

Mauritian and foreign participants who gave their all to the tournament.

sponsors, including Necker Gestion Privée and RM CLUB, the main sponsors of the event.

games, including 29 mini-tennis matches.

categories, from mini-tennis to women’s and men’s singles or doubles, including different age groups.

entries, a record number of registrations since the launch of the Necker Tennis Open.

483 4956 / 483 4413


Construction underway Only a few units left


Chapter 4 : Smart Living The aim of a smart city is to improve the quality of life of its residents and users. Let’s take a closer look at the various dimensions of the key pillars of these efforts in Cap Tamarin.

1. Spaces for leisure and fun Cap Tamarin has a 3-hectare riverside park and a 3km stretch of pedestrian and bike paths offering spaces for socialising and leisure that are perfect spots to relax. An amphitheatre will also be created in the park to accommodate cultural events. 2. A diverse community This is one of the greatest assets of the West, along with magical sunsets and a favourable climate. Diversity is an essential component of Cap Tamarin and the surrounding village. Various generations of people of different origins and social backgrounds live together and engage in mutually rewarding interactions. 3. Well thought-out infrastructure All the basic essentials must be available in the neighbourhoods of a smart city for a more pleasant and convenient lifestyle. The infrastructure of Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village has been carefully designed to ensure that nature as well as housing, shopping, work, schooling facilities and public transport, among others, harmoniously coexist in close proximity.


4. Soft mobility Everything is within 15 minutes by foot or cycle in Cap Tamarin. From dropping the kids off at school to taking a shopping trip, going to an appointment or playing sports, everyday life becomes easier! You save time to focus on what is truly essential: enjoying life. 5. Enhanced safety Public roads are lit and designed for pedestrian and cyclist protection, and enable them to safely enjoy the city at any time.

6. A sustainable environment Environmental sustainability and quality of life go hand in hand. Cap Tamarin has launched various relevant initiatives. The Smart & Happy Village promotes sustainable

resource management and environmental protection.


The #BeRM spirit heading for Cap Tamarin In addition to securing the entire premises, your sports club has been provided with coaches trained and certified by Les Mills – a world-renowned fitness concept. New fitness and cycling areas and new classes are also available. In addition, the reception area and cardio-weight training room have been redesigned for your convenience. Four padel tennis courts built on the site of the future RMCLUB round off the facilities. Finally, a new kids’ nursery will take care of your children during your group class, school holidays or after school (with homework support and a snack). As you know, the second RMCLUB sports complex on the island will open in Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village in late 2023. This unique brand is already present in Forbach and brings together a large number of sports disciplines with the latest connected facilities! While waiting for the big launch, RM is taking over management of Riverland Sports Club, which has been renamed Riverland Mauritius.



A new dimension of well-being The smart city is ideally located on the west coast with various amenities available to all the people in the area. This precious art of living – driven by an eco-friendly spirit, cultural synergies and a community-based approach – is now enhanced by the space for well-being and relaxation provided by the sports centre. Cap Tamarin Smart & Happy Village and RM thus share the same ambition of improving your quality of life.


Espace Maison is expanding its existing area at Cap Tamarin to become THE reference point in the region for DIY and decoration. Espace Maison has taken over and will renovate former retail premises to double its surface area at La Place Cap Tamarin to 3,000m². This redevelopment will enable the company to provide customers with a number of new products! There will be a wider choice in terms of plumbing, electrical, swimming pool and garden items. New product lines will also be introduced, from standard aluminium joinery to modular kitchen furniture and home automation. Finally, a Pro Corner will be available for building professionals with hardware store services at affordable prices. A total of 19 sub-sections featured on the e-commerce site will be available in the larger, modern and more easily accessible Espace Maison outlet. The new premises will be inaugurated in the third quarter of 2023. However, customer satisfaction remains a priority and Espace Maison will remain open throughout the duration of work.


Go green with Super U! Wondering what to do with your waste after sorting? Super U provides recycling bins for glass, cans, plastic, cardboard and used cooking oil. Together, let’s protect our beautiful island! Where? In the Super U building, next to the escalator, and in the parking lot.

A kids’ playground Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience while your children are having fun at Coeur Cap Tamarin. A new play area with slides and swings located behind the KFC store will delight the little ones – and enchant the parents!

Where? Near the left entrance of Coeur Cap Tamarin.

All services in one place at Coeur Cap Tamarin

Coeur Cap Tamarin provides you with all the daily conveniences, including shopping, going to the pharmacy, getting a manicure and trawling the shops. Everything is at your doorstep to serve you better.

Where? At Coeur Cap Tamarin mall.


The service is clearly of high quality at La Place Cap Tamarin. Here are 5 of the examples.

Votre Pôte Agé If you want only the best and freshest products, you should head to Votre Pôte Agé at La Place Cap Tamarin. You will find the most sought-after local products and the most exotic imported products in the market. Quality and service are this premium shop’s watchwords. T : 57 94 96 52 W :

Mimianu Style Are you running short of gift ideas? Mimianu Style offers customisable jewellery and handmade craft products, as well as a collection of semi-precious stones, souvenirs and fine scarves. As a little extra, they also

repair damaged jewellery. T : 57 69 74 82 | 54 72 00 93


Espace maison It is widely known that they are THE reference for DIY, decoration and renovation in Mauritius! What’s new? Espace Maison’s mobile app has a new Scan & Go feature that allows you to pay directly at a dedicated counter, without having to queue. Come and test it in the Tamarin showroom! T : 460 85 85 F : @EspaceMaisonJardin W :

Ben Car Wash Did you know that it takes less water to clean your vehicle at a car wash? Do the environment a favour by dropping off your car at Ben Car Wash. Fast, easy and efficient! T : 57 51 25 34

Zilo Water No more plastic bottles! Zilo Water has the right solutions to get rid of them at home or at work. Their wide range of water dispensers include under-sink and whole-house water filters, glass bottles and stainless steel QWETCH bottles – you are sure to find something to suit your requirements. T : 489 54 53 | 55 09 54 53 W :


Photo : (c) MBC

The Black River Gorges National Park is located in the heart of the Black River Gorges-Bel Ombre biosphere reserve recognised by UNESCO since 1977.

This 6,574-hectare park is very popular among Mauritian hikers and is home to endemic and native species under restoration. Some of them, like the Mauritius kestrel and the Echo parakeet, were on the verge of extinction a few decades ago and have been saved through the dedication of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) teams. You can now see hundreds of them in the park, along with the Pink pigeon, the Red-whiskered bulbul and the Mauritius olive white-eye.

Crécerelle de Maurice

Oiseau à lunettes


At least 9 trails are available if you want to catch sight of them: ▶ Pilgrim trail – 0,2 km (5 min) ▶ La Grotte – 0,6 km (15 min)

▶ Plateau Resmousse – 1,7 km (1h) ▶ Macchabée Kiosk – 2,1 km (2h) ▶ Mare aux Joncs Waterfall – 2,8 km (2h) ▶ Parakeet trail – 4,8 km (3h45) ▶ Pétrin via Pilgrim trail – 6,4 km (3h45) ▶ Pétrin via Macchabée Kiosk – 7,8 km (4h) ▶ Pétrin via Colophane Trail – 8,4 km (4h)

Photo : (c) MBC

For the safety of trail runners, hikers and people visiting this beautiful forest, the most frequented trails have recently been marked through a partnership between Rando Trail et Nature, the National Parks and Conservation Service and MCB, which sponsored the initiative. No more excuses, put on your hiking shoes and let’s go!


With the approach of summer, now is a great time to get a good dose of vitamins! Below are the top 5 fruits to enjoy:

1. Watermelon Watermelon contains lots of amino acids that increase the functional activity of arteries and are a strong ally to fight cardiovascular disease. 2. Pineapple Pineapples can be eaten raw or processed into juice, and are an excellent source of fibre. Their pulp contains nutrients that facilitate digestion, among others. 3. Mango Mango is rich in minerals and vitamins, with antioxidants that give it anti-cancer properties. It is also a great fruit to fight fatigue! 4. Dragon fruit This cactus species has amazing health benefits. It slows down cell ageing, boosts the immune system and reduces stress. It also tastes just as good as it looks!

5. Banana Bananas are an all-season favourite and provide a great source of vitamins, magnesium and potassium. They improve our mood, boost our immune system and contribute to our well-being. Enough to make you go bananas!

FruittiSwirl offers a selection of fruit juices and smoothies:

Vitamin Sea (orange, mango, pineapple, carrot) Berry Dragon (dragon fruit, blueberries)

Tropical Beet (banana, pineapple, apple, raspberry, beet) Watermelon Juice (well, with watermelon!)



The Black River Gorges-Bel Ombre area was recognised by UNESCO in 1977 and covers more than 8,582 hectares. It is home to various protected endemic species. Do you know them all? 1. This little yellow bird weaves its nest on the tips of tree branches. It is the: A. Tropicbird B. Village weaver C. Dodo 2. Only one of the following statements is true: A. The Mauritius fruit bat has an average wingspan up to 1 metre. B. The Mauritius kestrel can live up to 100 years old. C. The Mauritius day gecko has the ability to change colours to blend in with its environment. 3. How many remaining specimens of the Mauritius fody are there on the island? A. 1000 A. True B. False 5. Hardwood from an endemic tree species in Mauritius may be used for cabinetwork. Which one is it? A. Bois d’olive (Cassine orientalis) B. Bois cerf (Olea lancea) C. Ebony 6. This little bird has a white feather ring around the eyes. What is its name? B. 500 C. 250 4. The Echo parakeet is a carnivorous bird:

A. Monocle bird B. Pin-tailed bird C. Mauritius olive white-eye


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