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Now I consider myself to be very fortunate... great family, a place where I love to come to work, and friends from home in Vancouver as well as ones here from the neighbourhood, kids sports teams, and maybe a few from my own sports endeavours… But our family is also lucky enough to be able to head up to a cottage at least once a summer and enjoy some downtime swimming, fishing, and maybe even playing a little golf. Heidi’s parents have a place just past Parry Sound, actually just south of Dillon on Georgian Bay. If you know where Killbear Provincial park is, it's just northwest of there. A 3.5 hour drive from home but it's a little slice of heaven when we get there. After arriving, the kids can’t get in the water fast enough, but they’re not the only ones that enjoy the swimming… Nova is usually the first one in off the dock! We also like to mix in some camp fires, hikes, paddleboard (check out Ben and cousin Katie with the yoga pose on the board!) , and waterskiing. And would you believe I’m still riding the same kneeboard I rode off the shores of Bowen Island (you’ll have to google map it) when I was 10. Obviously a fish fry is always in order but steaks with mushroom caps straight from the fire are definitely my favourite. We may have even enjoyed the odd Caesar! Our most recent visit allowed us to share Roz and Dieter’s (Heidi’s parents) 50th anniversary with cousins galore.

Great food and good times!

Now you also might know that I like to golf a little… and my brother- in-law Jeff enjoys the walks as well too. When we’re in the area we always like to get to The Ridge at Manitou. It's just south of McKellar on Manitouwabing Lake. Gorgeous tree lined fairways and big elevation changes carved out of the natural terrain. Stunning! The gentlemen we played with flew in to the lakeside clubhouse on his own seaplane. If I didn’t see him take off with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it! All in all a great spot to get some R & R, hoping for another quick trip up there this fall.

Enjoy the rest of the nice weather!

- Jon and Heidi

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