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To set up your account please email orders@featherlodge.com or contact your rep for more information . You may also download this form from our website at www.featherlodge.com. Please email the completed form along with your W9 and Credit Application to orders@featherlodge.com PLACING ORDERS You will find o rder f orms at the back of this Dealer Catalog. You may a l so request o rder f orms in excel or PDF format by emailing orders@featherlodge.com. Please email your completed order form s to orders@featherlodge.com PROCESSING ORDERS After you submit your order you will be notified via email and phone call if there are any issues. Your order is then put on hold until we hear back from you. * f you make any changes you w ill need to confirm these changes via signature or email response before the order will process. Once your order is received we will email a DPOGJSNBUJPO of receipt. You will then receive an order confirmation that must be approved before the order JT processed. This Sales Order will reflect any back  orders, questions, and freight cost when applicable. Once we receive your confirmation the order will be processed for shipment. LEAD TIME (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Standard LTL shipments usually ship within 7-10 business days from the time we confirm the order with the warehouse. CLAIMS When freight is delivered or picked up, please verify that your order is intact and correct BEFORE signing the driver's delivery slip. It is required that pictures be made of the damaged pallet/cabinet box(s) in order to file a claim or receive replacement parts at no charge. it is required that all dealers make note of any shortages or visibly apparent damages on all copies of the Bill of Lading. Missing items claims will NOT be honored once a delivery is signed for unless a notation has been placed on the Bill of Lading stating that ( such items ) are missing. This also applies to visible damage, a ny time there appears to be obvious box damage dealers must notate that there is box/potential product damage on all copies of the Bill Of Lading. There are times when everything o n a delivery looks fine, but when you open the box the item is damaged. We call this concealed damage. All pictures provided to Feather Lodge for concealed damage claims on LTL loads must be of the product PRIOR to assembly or installation. Please open all boxes within seven (7) days of delivery. If you do not file a claim or submit a claim form in this time frame of seven (7) days, a claim cannot be filed and the item will not be replaced. DESIGN PROGRAMS Both Feather L odge and GHI cabinet lines are available on 20/20 and Pro Kitchen. Please note that these design programs are used as a reference and design tool. Designs and pricing may vary from how it appears in these programs. For actual pricing, please reference the most current dealer catalog. Your exact cost will be presented on your Sales Order. You may download the Design Catalogs from our website www.featherlodge.com


Important Information

SAMPLES / DISPLAY POLICY Door samples, Wall Mount, Selection Centers, and Kitchen Displays are available for a Special Promotion. Please contact our office or your sales rep for detail information. DELIVERY Dealers are required to have a representative of their company to meet our trucks to receive and sign for items. Failure to do this could result in additional charges. Job site deliveries are not available. If we are unable to contact you or someone in your office regarding a shipment, the shipment may be postponed. Note: Additional delivery charges may apply if a delivery is returned to us for any reason and must be rescheduled. Any scheduled delivery waiting in excess of 30 minutes at a stop will be rescheduled automatically. COMMON CARRIER AND GROUND SHIPMENTS It may be necessary at times to ship products using an outside carrier via LTL or ground. We will issue a separate invoice for this type of shipment. When this occurs, the dealer is responsible for remitting payment prior to shipping, either via check, wire transfer, or credit card. Damaged items for carrier shipments must be claimed within seven (7) days. It is required that all dealers make note of any shortages or visibly apparent damages on all copies of the Bill Of Lading upon signing for the shipment. Please notify us immediately in such instances. I n order for a claim to be processed a claim form must be sent to Feather Lodge. WARRANTY INFORMATION There is a five year limited warranty on factory defects for most door styles. All painted door styles have a two year limited warranty. Feather Lodge will replace the defective part(s) and ship it to you at our cost using the most appropriate shipping method.

Important Information

REPLACEMENTS To request a replacement for damages or warranty, please fill out the enclosed Feather Lodge replacement/return form and fax or email to orders@featherlodge.com, you may also download this form from our website. Damaged items must be reported within seven (7) days of delivery. We do require pictures of the damaged item to be sent. We may request that all damaged parts/products to be returned upon delivery of any replacement parts. If the dealers necessary steps listed here are not met within 30 days from delivery of replacements, Feather Lodge will charge your dealer account for the price of replacements. Replacements will not be honored if the item being replaced has been installed/assembled or altered. (i.e. handles/holes drilled, etc) Replacements generally take 3-7 days for processing and shipping, but can vary based on part availability. RETURN POLICY Cabinets can be accepted for return for up to 60 days after delivery date. We can only accept RTA returns in good condition and original packaging. Assembled, modified or special order cabinets cannot be returned. RTA cabinets that are assembled cannot be returned. All returns are subject to inspection and a 25% restocking fee. Dealer is responsible for cost to return cabinets. Returns are accepted for credit only, and applicable credit will be applied to the dealer account. Credit cannot be given for product returned without the proper paperwork. Orders that are confirmed but are canceled prior to delivery or refused upon delivery will also incur a restocking fee. To request a return, please fill out the enclosed replacement/return form send via email to orders@featherlodge.com PLEASE BE ADVISED Please see our Mandatory Receiving Document on the following page. We advise that you post this document in your receiving area and discuss with you receiving department in detail.


NOTICE Mandatory Receiving Requirements Mandatory steps for receiving a shipment from Feather Lodge. Step 1: Check skid and loose piece count on Bill of Lading(BOL)/Delivery Receipt(DR), andmatch it to the actual amount of skids and loose pieces on the pallet. Step 2: Visually check pallet for damage s . Step 3: Check packing slip (located on shrink-wrap of pallet) against the actual items on the pallet. Step 4: Make appropriate notes on the BOL/DR. Step 5: Sign Bill of Lading(BOL)/Delivery Receipt(DR). Step 6: Pictures of any damaged product and packaging are required. If something appears to bemissing Make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that lists the items that are missing. If there appears to be damage to the product or the boxes Make a note on all copies of the BOL/DR that says the following: "(Box Damage/Product Damage) — subject to customer approval." Note: When requesting parts for concealed damages, replacement parts cannot be provided at No charge if the cabinet has already been assembled. Parts must be requested at the time of inspection, not after the cabinet has been assembled and is ready to be installed. IMPORTANT The driver cannot leave until you have signed the BOL/DR — take the time and get it right as quickly as possible. If the driver leaves your dock and you have signed the BOL/DR with no additional notes, you are stating that everything on your order is received in full and in good/acceptable condition! Claims made beyond this point will be subject to additional charges. See our Dealer Catalog for questions pertaining to Warranty issues.

Regal Oak

Muti-ply Substrate With Oak Veneer Face Frame Square R aised Panel B ase &Wall Doors Standard Overlay

1/2" Cabinet Box Construction 5/8"Adjustable Plywood Shelves Matching Interior/Exterior Concealed Hinges

One Piece Drawer Front 1/2" Plywood Drawer Box Side Mount Epoxy Coated Drawer Glides

WalRefrigerator Cabinets

WalDiagonal Corner



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