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"The number of evenings I was just passed out on the sofa or in bed and my kids knew I wasn’t available to them … the joy of knowing I am now is such a huge thing" "The first 30 days were hard work, just readjusting all the constant signals to drink. Then on to 60, 90 and this newfound accountability to myself was satisfying in a way no drink was. Perhaps I could manage 120? Somedays the goal was just to get my head on the pillow sober, whatever that took. My joy the next morning, to add a number, see my total rise gave me the courage to go another day. So if you are like me and count your days, I hope you can find joy and lots of pride today in adding another notch on your sober belt." "Each day we might need something different. Some days it’s a trainer telling us to get down and give em 20. The next day it might be someone telling you to curl up with your blanket and soothe yourself. It’s a long path with lots of tools. And we all need different things at different times. As long as we don’t start making excuses or lying to ourselves.

"Even if your ass is on fire, don't drink.

"I truly appreciate this incredible group of women and the support we give each other. Perhaps it is a women's mindset, but being supported and empowered is the way that I will keep sober, not by attending nightly meetings, because "my addiction is doing pushups in the parking lot" - L.L "To me sober gold is being able to jump in the car and be the family taxi after 7.00 p.m. at night, it never fails to make me feel good about my choice to live AF." S.C.

"So you take ALL the moments to be proud and feel into the strength of your sobriety. Sometimes I’m now on autopilot and I love the reminders that it is a beautiful gift every damn day. " "I have two suggestions for you that work for me when I am feeling overwhelmed : 1) put in a rubbishy movie and sit down for an hour and a half and lose yourself in something 2) put on your rain jacket, put in the earphones with the hola so we Spotify list and take yourself out for a stomp. You are taking charge and that is huge, sounds like it’s well overdue." "Susan mentioned the "forgotten" moments and the icy stares at breakfast after the night priors antics. I find it interesting that I just had a conversation with my boss saying that the very reason I never do/did drugs is because I don't like being out of control. I'd equate not remembering the night before, what I drank (where I hid it... 😳 ) fairly out of control."

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