the team

Please note this is a FREE magazine designed, created, and produced in Madrid as a passion project. All columnists VOLUNTEER their precious time and talent to ensure your inbox is filled with colour, motivation, inspiration, and education for your sober journey. All the ladies on the team bring their enthusiasm and talent to the project stepping into the arena monthly. I, personally am HUGELY GRATEFUL for such a powerful set of women to have joined me on this journey. Editor + Creative Director + lots of other stuff : Susan Christina (courtesy of carrot cake + tea + a lovely supportive team of boys + one man) Columnists: Ann Dowsett Johnston, Gee, Colette, Sophie Pelham-Burn, Alexandra Hartley-Leonard, Maria McKenty, Linda Redmond, Lisa Wilde, Maria S.,

Submissions + Proof Reader: Linda Redmond + Susan

Contributors: Emma S., Carrie, Emma W, Hola Sober Sisters Photos celebrating Sober Gold. Hola Sober Daily Cheerleaders: My KOBE crew (Gee, MS + Michelle-Google) + Deb + Judith + Irish family

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