September Pick fromMaria

thi s " Exot ic Sands " piece I bought a couple of weeks ago . I t ' s a rotat ing window of sand ar t that morphs into a di f ferent landscape when rotated on i ts stand . Very zen - great for quiet ing the mind . Every busy woman should have one on her desk and I love my purchase which br ings me much joy ! These wonder ful pieces are by Wi l l iam Tabar and each sand picture i s craf ted wi th pr i st ine sands sourced f rom around the wor ld including black sand f rom the West Af r ican Coast , powder whi te sand f rom the shores of the Car ibbean , emerald green sand f rom coastal South Amer ica , and coral pink sand f rom Southern Utah . The l iquid used in the pictures i s a highl y guarded , non - tox ic t rade secret solut ion . There i s something real l y special about thi s picture and I couldn ' t recommend i t highl y enough ! Go t reat yoursel f ! ! L o t s o f l o v e Ma r i a

September Pick from Gee

My hai r i s st raight and lacks volume and cur l s so to cheer mysel f up in a busy month , I bought the BaBy l i ss Cur l ing Wand and in an instant brought body and l i fe to my hai r ! I t takes get t ing used to as I am not very good at winding my hai r around the bar rel but a few YOUTUBE v ideos later and my hai r fel t bouncy and f resh ! Des igned wi th a dusky pink bar rel made f rom t i tanium - ceramic , the BaBy l i ss Rose Blush Cur l ing Wand adds a touch of feminini ty to your hai rcare rout ine . I t makes creat ing your look quick and easy and uses Non - s l ip Wrap Cont rol ™ for addi t ional gr ip and cont rol so you can achieve the cur l s of your dreams . The wand features f i ve di f ferent heat set t ings wi th a max imum of 210 ° C . Heat wi l l be constant and even thanks to Advanced Ceramics ™ technology , making sure the shape of your cur l stays in place for longer and br ings a smi le . Treat yoursel f , ladies , i t ' s a wonder ful sel f - care gi f t for September and ear l y Autumn ! L o t s o f l o v e Ge e x x

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