SIU rules no blame in jail cell injury case

was the subject of the SIU probe sat for an interview and also provided his own notes on the day of the incident. On Nov. 15, 2012 a woman was arrested at home for breach of one of the terms of recognizance release order. She was sup- posed to abstain from alcohol. The woman was taken to the Rockland OPP detachment and put in one of the cells. While there she kept using toilet paper to cover up the lens of the cell’s closed-circuit T.V. camera (CCTV). The CCTV system al- lows police and civilian guards to monitor prisoner behaviour and respond if there is trouble. Several times police officers went into the woman’s cell to remove the toilet paper from the CCTV lens. At one point the wom- an was relocated to a neighbouring cell in which the toilet paper was removed. But the woman still managed to keep on cover-

ing up the CCTV lens using paper that SIU concluded she either had on her person or found somewhere in the cell. The officer who was the subject of the SIU investigation and another officer entered the woman’s cell and removed the paper from the camera lens. The subject officer remained in the cell for a brief talk with the woman and then left. As he was leaving he closed the cell door with his hand on the cell key and locked the door. As he walked away he heard the pris- oner yelling. He checked the cell monitor and realized something was wrong. He returned to the cell, opened the door and saw blood flowing from the woman’s right hand. SIU forensic investigation determined the woman had placed her right hand on either the cell door or the door frame in a way that caused the door to crush the little finger on

her right hand. The subject officer calmed the woman down and put a bandage on the injured finger. Paramedics were called in and they took the woman to Montfort Hospital for treatment of a crush fracture of the little fin- ger of her right hand. “In my view, the subject officer did noth- ing wrong,” stated Director Scott in the SIU report press release. “He had a legitimate reason for entering the woman’s cell. “There is no suggestion that he was aware that the prisoner might place her hand on either the cell door or door frame in a man- ner that would cause this injury. “The only reasonable inference to draw is that the woman either advertently or inad- vertently put her hand between the closing cell door and the frame causing this (crush) fracture when the subject officer unsus- pectingly closed the cell door.”


OBJECTIF 2012 350 000 $ The SIU assigned two regular investiga- tors and one forensic investigator to the case. Four officers and one civilian were in- terviewed as witnesses and the officer who ROCKLAND | A Russell County OPP officer is cleared of any blame for a hand injury that a prisoner suffered while in a cell at the Rockland OPP station. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU), an agency responsible for investigating re- ports or allegations of police negligence, has concluded there was no wrongdo- ing involved in an incident last November when a 30-year-old woman detained at the Rockland OPP station suffered an injury to her hand. SIU Director Ian Scott reported in a press release that “there are no reasonable grounds” to consider any criminal charges against the officer involved in the case.

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