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Why is Finding Your Forte Important? All too often, professionals are merely focused on doing their job and don’t have the opportunity to be strategic about performing in a way that plays to their strengths, leverages their passions and rewards them in ways that motivate them. Using purpose as an engagement strategy drives satisfaction, job performance and retention. This empowers you to put yourself in a position to have not just a job…or even a career...but a calling – as a way of living. It doesn’t have to mean immediate abrupt and risky change. It does give you a long term vision so you can move in the right direction. You Need a FORTE becauseYour Best Needs A Plan

make a living doing what you love? That there’s no money in writing? ͞ ”I mean, I like your work, but to for- real support yourself with the words you put on paper – hmmm, what’s your fall-back plan?” ͟ When we are creatives – writers, actors, directors, singers, musicians, visual artists – we do not need the world or our loved ones to be skeptical of whether we can have successful arts careers. We’ve questioned it all ourselves, plenty of times. Award-winning writer, candi dugas, spent half of her life believing that writing was just a hobby for her – until other artistic professionals validated how good she is. candi used Finding Your Forte to break through some other internal barriers preventing her from earning a sustainable living as a writer. She now invites you to do the same.

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Leadership from Your Strength

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Purpose To tell stories that change conversations and compel complete freedom.

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