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A Family of Outdoorsmen

My Passion for Hunting and Angling

Running a small business takes a massive amount of time. It’s a constant juggling act — a true challenge that consistently presents you with brand-new obstacles. Of course, it’s a welcome challenge, but success necessitates that you look around, take stock of the people in your life, and relax every now and then.

In my experience, the best time to unwind is when I’m out in the woods, just as dawn begins to lift, beside my three sons with our rifles at the ready. During the spring and summer, when the work piles up and the jobs just keep coming in, I’m gratified by the consistent influx. But I find myself pining for the fall every now and then, when I can take some time off and go hunting with my boys. Ducks,

snuck out around the side of the house, shotguns in hand. Most people think of turkeys as big dumb birds, but as somebody who’s spent time hunting them, I can tell you they’re wily animals that can get away all too easily. We got into position. Then, my son carefully aimed and fired. Lo and behold, we bagged one right in his backyard. You can’t beat a spot like that.

geese, pheasants, turkey — it doesn’t matter. The opportunity to be out in the fresh air completely shifts your mind to a different, welcome perspective. Sharing those experiences with your kids is a really powerful thing. My middle son, Jake, just bought a new house last May, next to a big sprawling property that’s perfect for

“In my experience, the best time to unwind is when I’m out in the woods, just as dawn begins to lift, beside my three sons with our rifles at the ready.”

KAT Construction may be slammed in the summer, but luckily, it’s not all work and no play. I sneak away every now and then to do some fishing, whether it’s by myself or with my kids. I’m lucky to have kids so eager to join me. Hunting

Everybody needs a hobby that puts them in a different headspace now and again. I’m just grateful to have a family with the same passions as me — fishing and hunting are both incredible bonding experiences, and, of course, if you do them right, you’ve got dinner on the table.

–Keith Thompson

hunting fowl. I have to say, it makes me a tiny bit jealous. Last spring, we were sitting inside, just hanging out, when we caught a glimpse of a turkey strutting around way out in the back field. We

is a lot of fun, and it’s deeply challenging, but any fisherman can tell you that there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting at the side of a lake, waiting for a trout to take the bait.



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