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Bill Moist

BUILDING YOUR LEGACY I t seems natural to want to be remembered by those we love when our time is up on this planet. I’m doing two things now to create that legacy. First, I will soon publish my new book entitled “Closely Guarded Secrets To Becoming A Care-Free Self Storage Investor.”The great thing about books is they have a long shelf life. Second, I am buying and building self-storage properties that one day my kids will own. Both of these are legacy projects.

Ages ago, our ancestors spent their days constantly in motion, engaged in activities for their survival. According to Harvard evolutionary biologist Jason Lieberman, hunter-gatherers probably walked more than 5 miles every day. As a result, humans enjoy their best health when they remain mostly upright and in motion. But nowadays, finding your next meal doesn’t require nearly as much travel (unless it’s a drive to the closest takeout restaurant). Many jobs ask that we stay sedentary for the majority of the day, and when we’re not working, our couch and the latest Netflix docuseries beckon. While sitting may have become part of our daily lives, we don’t have to suffer the consequences. Here are five quick exercises to help ease back and neck pain to combat many of the other painful side effects of sitting. HEAD UP, SHOULDERS BACK First, let’s talk about posture. Health experts recommend focusing on keeping your ears directly above your shoulders to reduce the amount of pressure on your neck and back. Next, pull your shoulders back. Help make these postures into a habit by making sure your computer is at eye level so you don’t have to crane your neck up or down to look at it. When using your phone or another handheld device, hold it up in front of you to avoid looking down, which puts pressure on your neck. YES, NO, UP, DOWN HEAD NOD To help release tension that builds up in the neck, try this simple series of neck releases: Start by slowly tilting your head forward and hold for a second, then tilt it backward and hold for a second. Return your head to neutral. Next, slowly look to your right, then to your left. Repeat this series of head motions for one minute and make it a part of your daily routine. 5 EXERCISES TO REDUCE THE PAINFUL SIDE EFFECTS OF SITTING

Why self-storage you ask? There are many great reasons to want to leave self-storage to our children. The short list is:

• Storage is easier to manage than other real estate. • Awesome property management companies can be hired to manage at reasonable rates. • Storage is landlord friendly. • Tenants tend to stay for many years. • Storage leases in boom markets and bust markets. • Re-tenant expenses including broker commissions and building makeover are generally not required. Self storage is a special real estate class that takes a little time for people to warp their heads around. Generally, once investors or brokers understand its advantages, all they want is more self-storage. And in some cases they want to leave a legacy like mine.

–Bill Moist

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