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JULY 2018

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LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU’RE HAPPY TO SEE THEM! While you might not do a dance and wiggle your behind to show joy and affection (though I highly recommend it), let people know how you feel. Whenever Francine gets home, I do my ritual and she tells me I’m handsome and that I’m a good boy. When she tells me that, it just makes my doggone afternoon. My human seems to have learned this from me. I hear her tell her clients that she’s happy to work with them and glad they’ve entrusted her with their legal needs. I hope it makes them happy like me. DON’T STAY MAD AT ANYONE! There are times when my little sister, Zeppy (short for Zeppole because she’s normally so sweet), likes to bite my ears and jump on my back. I’m not a fan of this trick and I let her know. But after a moment or two, we’re pals again. I don’t have time to hold grudges. I need to get on with my life and take my afternoon nap. Besides, being mad only makes me feel upset — it never seems to much bother whomever I’m mad at. NEVER RUSH INTO A DECISION! Sometimes, I may look like I’m snoozing and it sounds like I’m snoring away, but actually, I’m deep in thought. Very deep. I’m trying to figure out all the angles of my next move. Should I make the effort to move from my warm dog bed to climb up on the couch? It’s a leather couch; it can be a little cold. Do I want to be a little cool? There are pros and cons to consider here. You can ask yourself the same question when you’re faced with a decision. Does it make sense for you and your business? Is it worth your time and money? Thankfully, as a dog, I don’t have to worry about that last point. I have no concept of money at all! ACCEPT YOURSELF! I know I’m a handsome good boy — I’ve been told so all my life — but there are some people who may disagree. Those people are, of course, wrong. I know who I am and what I’m all about (sweet nuzzles, naps, treats, etc.) and that’s what really matters. I know my “why,” and because of that I know what to do and with whom. GET SOME SUN! This will be my last point, mostly because I want to get some sun myself. There isn’t anything better than lying in the sun for a few minutes. As a bulldog, I’ll admit I don’t do super great in the heat of the summer, but I still love it! There are some days when I plop down on the

Hi! Please excuse any inadvertent typos in this month’s column. I’ve got big paws and the keys are small. My name is Satchmo and I’m filling in for my favorite human, Francine, this month. Did you know that bulldogs can type and

proofread content? I didn’t either until recently. It’s so true what they say — you never know until you try!

I’m filling in for Francine to give her some more time to recover. She and my other three favorite humans were in a car

accident. Some other driver wanted to see how fast her car could go, and she didn’t care that my people’s car was in front of her, stopped at a red light. Francine has a bad concussion and is sleeping a lot. (I wonder if this means I may have had a concussion all of my life. I should get that checked out.) Since the laptop was free, I decided to handle this month’s column. I’ve been a part of the family for over eight years now, and I’ve been able to teach Francine a few valuable life lessons that I would like to share. These are lessons you can use in life and in business, or wherever you may need them. BE PERSISTENT! If you really want something and you aren’t getting immediate results, you gotta be persistent. “Win or learn,” that’s my motto. For example, there are times when I want to go outside. I’ve learned that standing and barking by the door doesn’t work. But sitting by the door with a sad look in my eyes, and gently tapping the glass — that does work. I kept at it, tried a new way, and became successful. Persistence!


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