John D Wilson | Original Artworks

In a world of digital trickery and special effects, it takes a true artist to conjure an illusion with a trusty paintbrush and canvas. After more than 40 years in the industry, John D Wilson has perfected his own take on the ‘reverse perspective’ genre, which bends the rules of physics to transform the viewer’s interpretation of objects near and far. This new selection of original 3D paintings is his most ambitious yet and showcases a magician’s eye for mind- boggling apparitions. Taking on some of the world’s best-known artists – including Banksy, Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe and René Magritte – the British artist has incorporated history’s most recognisable artworks alongside personal memories from his childhood. From a striking cityscape to an exploration of classical literature and his signature gallery scenes, this varied selection of works was created by hand in John’s New Zealand studio. Painted in oils and acrylics, the textured artworks boast incredible detail, which he achieves by working with paintbrushes, palette knives, toothbrushes and even a meat skewer! John says: “As an artist, you can never say that you know it all. Every day you are experimenting with something… colours, texture or subject. Whatever it may be, it’s what makes this job so exciting.” Find out more about the collection online or by contacting your local Castle Fine Art gallery.

Three-dimensional art is formed by painting a perspective in reverse: the parts on the canvas farthest from your eyes are the largest, and the parts closer to your eyes are smaller. As you stand away from the painting, the farthest parts seem to come forwards, and the nearest parts appear to move backwards, reversing the whole picture and creating a 3D effect.

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