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In a world of digital trickery and special effects, it takes a true artist to conjure an illusion with a trusty paintbrush and canvas. After more than 40 years in the industry, John D Wilson has perfected his own take on the ‘reverse perspective’ genre, which bends the rules of physics to transform the viewer’s interpretation of objects near and far. This new selection of original 3D paintings is his most ambitious yet and showcases a magician’s eye for mind- boggling apparitions. Taking on some of the world’s best-known artists – including Banksy, Vincent van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe and René Magritte – the British artist has incorporated history’s most recognisable artworks alongside personal memories from his childhood. From a striking cityscape to an exploration of classical literature and his signature gallery scenes, this varied selection of works was created by hand in John’s New Zealand studio. Painted in oils and acrylics, the textured artworks boast incredible detail, which he achieves by working with paintbrushes, palette knives, toothbrushes and even a meat skewer! John says: “As an artist, you can never say that you know it all. Every day you are experimenting with something… colours, texture or subject. Whatever it may be, it’s what makes this job so exciting.” Find out more about the collection online or by contacting your local Castle Fine Art gallery.

Three-dimensional art is formed by painting a perspective in reverse: the parts on the canvas farthest from your eyes are the largest, and the parts closer to your eyes are smaller. As you stand away from the painting, the farthest parts seem to come forwards, and the nearest parts appear to move backwards, reversing the whole picture and creating a 3D effect.


£5,950.00 114cm x 57cm

“This is an exercise in colour and movement in the style of Piet Mondrian. Featuring only primary colours, it explores the relationship between the colours and the size and shape of the blocks. The 3D canvas gives this piece a special effect.”


£5,950.00 114cm x 58cm

“This incorporates two of my favourite artists, Banksy and René Magritte, with two of my favourite subjects to paint: telephone boxes and surrealism. To give it a different feel, I stuck on sand from the beach where I live in New Zealand and then built up layers of paint. The rounded angles give it a softer look.”


£4,950.00 80cm x 49cm

“This is a 3D painting of album covers from the 1960s to the 2010s, covering some of the most iconic best-selling albums of all time.” Left to right: Rolling Stones – The Complete Collection 1971 to 2013, Jimi Hendrix – The Master’s Masters (studio outtakes from 1967 to 1970), Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin , Nirvana - Never Mind , Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells , Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon , The Velvet underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico , Adele – 21 , Michael Jackson - Off the Wall , AC-DC - Black Ice , The Beatles – Help , Queen - Made in Heaven , Fleetwood Mac – Rumours .

“Sometimes an idea comes into my head of something that I want to put down on canvas, and it can take longer to work out how to express it than to actually paint the picture.”

John D Wilson

£4,250.00 80cm x 49cm BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS

£5,950.00 116cm x 53cm THE LADIES ROOM

£5,950.00 114cm x 58cm DANCE

“It’s got to have movement and shapes. Some things will work, and others won’t.”

John D Wilson


£4,250.00 80cm x 49cm

“The tall buildings of a big American city are an ideal subject for a three-dimensional painting, as reverse perspective works particularly well. Continuing the street down to infinity gives a lot more depth, making it almost impossible to imagine that the vanishing point is actually the closest point when you stand in front of it.”


£4,950.00 80cm x 49cm

“This is a nostalgic look back at my childhood, which was partly spent in a small market town on the Pennine Hills in the north of England. My grandfather was a steam train driver, and when I knew he was arriving, I would go down to the railway line to wave. I have added some Banksy art to the wall to bring it up-to-date.”


£5,950.00 116cm x 53cm

“I gave this city skyline a night-time view from the window of what might be an apartment or art gallery. The walls are a very light colour to contrast with the outside and give it greater depth, and all of the art on the walls is by New York based artists.”

Left to right: Roy Lichtenstein – ‘Girl with Hair Ribbon’, Mark Rothko – ‘White Center (Yellow, Pink and Lavender on Rose)’, Robert Indiana – ‘LOVE’, Georgia O’Keeffe – ‘Red Poppy’, Tom Slaughter – ‘Summer’, Andy Warhol – ‘Mickey Mouse’.

“I like to think that when people look at my paintings it will cheer them up and put a smile on their face.”

John D Wilson


£4,950.00 81cm x 63cm

“Two of my favourite artists are René Magritte and Banksy. Here, I have put them together with my own personal twist. The graffiti man holding flowers on the wall is waiting for the girl in the phone box, while the man with the bowler hat adds a touch of mystery.”

£4,250.00 80cm x 49cm THE MOORINGS


£4,250.00 80cm x 49cm

“With this painting, I managed to create a lot of depth from an interior scene. I have used classical books and authors that most people will recognise. Sometimes an idea comes into my head of something that I want to put down on canvas, and it can take longer to work out how to express it than to actually paint the picture. This was one of those instances, but in the end, I was very happy with the finished result.”

“As an artist, you can never say that you know it all. Every day you are experimenting with something… colours, texture or subject. Whatever it may be, it’s what makes this job so exciting.”

John D Wilson


£5,950.00 116cm x 53cm

“This Vincent van Gogh themed painting features some of his best-known work. Using ‘Wheatfield with Crows’ (1890) as the background allowed me to bring it into the foreground, giving the picture more depth and movement. When painting a picture like this, I have to put myself in ‘Van Gogh mode’ and paint using his style and colour palette.”

£4,250.00 80cm x 49cm UNDER AFRICAN SKIES

£5,950.00 116cm x 53cm THE WARHOL MUSEUM

“I always look at things through rose-coloured glasses. I like to look for the good in things, and I try to depict this in my paintings.”

John D Wilson

£4,950.00 93cm x 43cm THE WALL

£4,950.00 84cm x 62cm THE VISITOR


£5,950.00 116cm x 53cm

“Featuring some of the best-known abstract artists, this painting was one of the most difficult I have done in a long time. I always find abstract paintings much harder to replicate than a landscape or figurative work. It projects around 20cm out from the wall, which gives the illusion of depth.”

Left to right: Wassily Kandinsky – ‘Composition IV’, Pablo Picasso – ‘Female Acrobat’, Henri Matisse – ‘Les Codomas, from Jazz’, Henri Matisse – ‘Two Dancers’, Jean-Michel Basquiat – ‘Trumpet’, Piet Mondrian – ‘Red, Yellow & Blue’, Mark Rothko – ‘Earth & Green’, Jackson Pollock – ‘Conformity’.

£6,950.00 162cm x 52cm BEACH RETREAT

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