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November/December 2018


First, Let Me Say He’s Not a Rat I’m asked a variety of questions on a daily basis: “What’s up with the giant rat?”

Now, when I was trying to come up with a tagline to go with our company’s name, I decided that making things rhyme would be the best way to help people remember us. We decided to go with a water animal, an otter, which sounds like “oughta” and rhymes with water. And so we came up with our slogan: “Do what you otter, call Clearwater.” From that point on, our mascot was an otter. Also, just as a fun little side note, most people don’t know this, but the otter on the truck is me. When we decided to go with the otter, I had someone take an otter head and put it over my head — our mascot is me with an otter head. I know there are a lot of people out there in teams or other companies who have named their mascots, but I haven’t thought of one for our otter. We’ve had a few names float around the office, but everyone just calls him the “Otter Man.” However, I’m open to suggestions! If any of my readers think of a great name, you can reach out to us and suggest something — there might be something in it for you too.

Our teacher gave us a saying to help us remember, “You oughta add acid to water.” Now as much as all the teenagers in the class wanted to see something explode, we also didn’t want to get into trouble, so this saying really stuck with us. Since that class, I’ve never forgotten it. Weird that our brains can remember the oddest things.

“Why do you have a weasel on your truck?” “Might you have a ferret on your truck?” Well, those are great questions, and all good animals — with the exception of the rat. I don’t really care for rats. My company started out with the name Clearwater Plumbers, but we didn’t have the catchy phrase that we do now. When we were first trying to come up with a tagline, we wanted it to go along with our name, something that would make us easier to remember. One didn’t occur to me for a while until I remembered a lesson I learned in high school chemistry. When I was in high school, I was in an honors chemistry class where we conducted experiments with

the different chemicals the teachers let us use. One of the things we were taught was to be careful when adding acid to water. If you add water to acid, the acid will react with the water drops immediately, potentially causing a rapid

In the meantime, remember, “Do what you OTTER, call Clearwater.”

splashing boil of acid. Instead, you need to add acid to the water very slowly, and that helps keep things from getting out of control.

-Jeff Longspaugh


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