October 2023


T he magic of Halloween is upon us and at the corner of Pine and West 31st Street, you’ll find two families who work together each year to create a seasonal display that looks like it came straight from the set of Hocus Pocus . It’s here that Sha and Patrick Quinn and Samantha and Jon Stokes will work up to Halloween day creating a bewitching wonderland for trick-or-treaters. “We start about the first of September,” Patrick shares, “but keep adding as we find stuff. I even had a friend ask, ‘When will you stop decorating?’ and I told him, ‘Halloween night.’” The Quinns have been decorating for Halloween since they can remember, and specifically in this location since they bought the house in 1999. “Sha had been decorating [for Halloween] anyway and then Home Depot came out with the 12- foot skeletons,” Patrick said mischievously. “We didn’t get it the first year but made sure to get one the second year. Then [the Stokes] started decorating, and we just got obsessed with it.” For the Stokes, it started when they were house hunting. They were drawn to the charm of the area. “I remember when we started looking for a house. We knew we wanted to live over here, and we saw their house decorated with skeletons climbing up the side. We both commented, ‘How



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