October 2023


get more. From there, it’s grown into what it is.” Samantha added her own experience, “At the doctor’s office, someone asked, ‘Are you near those houses that decorate?’ and I just said, ‘Yeah, we’re one of those.’ It’s really so cool how many people enjoy coming by to see what we’ve done.” The neighbors are frequently asked if it’s a competition between the two houses. “We actually work together,” Patrick said. “Jon knew of a particular skeleton that I was looking for. We didn’t have it here, but he saw it in Shreveport and brought it home for me. We do stuff like that all the time.” The decorations have become such a draw on Halloween night that the Quinns and the Stokes have decided to make two changes in logistics this year. “We’re getting the street shut off. We talked to the city, and they said they would barricade it for us. We have so much foot traffic that we were kind of worried last year, so this should make it much safer. We just may need some volunteers to make sure the barricades don’t get moved,” Samantha said with a laugh. Sha added, “And since we’ve started decorating, more and more houses near us do too, which adds even more people.” The second big change is that they will be raising money this year for the local charity, For the Sake of One. “We had seen in a Halloween Facebook group that people



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