RESPONSIBILITY IS PART OF OUR FABRIC CONSERVING OUR ENVIRONMENT At ANVIL ® by Gildan ® , we take our job seriously, not only as an affordable fashion brand, but as an affordable fashion brand with an unyielding desire to make the world a better place. So, in addition to developing styles that speak to the latest looks and trends, we constantly seek out new ways to lessen our environmental impact. Because to us, being a fashion forward brand begins and ends with forward-thinking that’s beneficial to everyone. CARING FOR OUR PEOPLE Our greatest asset has always been our people; that’s why fair and ethical working conditions have always been amongst our strongest beliefs and commitments. Our diverse group of dedicated employees represent a host of cultures, religions, races and backgrounds as uniquely varied as those who wear the clothing we make. Yet, all are driven by a singular goal: to stay true to who they are as individuals. Fueled by this philosophy, is our ongoing commitment to empower our employees through training and development programs to ensure that they all reach their full potential. CREATING STRONGER COMMUNITIES Because we know we operate as part of a greater whole, our commitment to operating responsibility goes beyond our employees and the environment. From investing in local talent, to furthering educational initiatives, to offering active living assistance that promotes the betterment of our employees, their families, and our communities, we do more than simply make quality clothing…we enhance lives.



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