Adirondack PT: Joint Replacement

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Knee Replacements The physical therapists at Adirondack Physical and OccupationalTherapywillwant todiscussyour total knee replacementbeforesurgery.Thiswillhelp them assessyourpre-operativephysicalfitness,your range ofmotionandmobility.Theywillbeable to talkabout ways you can increase your fitness before surgery and construct a post-operative physical therapy plan that is right foryou.Onceyouhave thesurgery, our physical therapists will work with you to restore strength and range of motion to your knee. They will use manual therapy, massage, ultrasound and hot/cold therapy as pain management techniques to minimize your discomfort as you heal. They will alsoprescribeexercisesandstretches todoathome to extend physical therapy’s benefits.

Whether you are looking at having a total joint replacement in your knee, hip, shoulder or thumb, you are probably worried about your recovery. You know you’re in pain now, but what will it be like to try to get back to “normal” after surgery? Will physical therapy be painful? Will you ever have full strength, flexibility or range of motion again? The goodnews is,AdirondackPhysicalandOccupational Therapy is ready tohelp you recover after your total joint replacement surgery. Call us to schedule your consultation and find out more about what you can expect in your case. In the meantime, here is what everyone should know. Starting physical and occupational therapy early is the key. Regardless of the type of surgery you are facing, starting physical and occupational therapy long before you think you’re “ready” is the key to a

full recovery. In many cases, you will begin physical therapy on a total knee or hip replacement as soon as theanesthesiahaswornoff.A therapistwillwork with you to stand, walk with assistance, get from thebed to thebathroom,andperformbasicphysical tasks thatwillhelpyou functiononceyougethome. If you have a total shoulder or thumb replacement, you will begin physical therapy within a day or two of your surgery to help prevent scar tissue buildup in these commonly used joints. The typeof therapyyouneedwilldependon thebody partbeing replaced. Like itornot,havinga totalknee replacement is different from having a total thumb joint replacement. Not only is the surgical process different,but theamountofhospitalizationand types therapy also vary greatly from one joint to another.

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