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Hip Replacements One of the biggest challenges after a total hip replacement is standing and walking, two components of nearly every activity in our daily lives. Our physical and occupational therapists can provide you with tools and tips to make standing and walking easier while you complete your personalized treatment plan. Not only will physical therapy focus on strengthening your leg and increase your range of motion in your hip, but it will also focus on strengthening the stabilizing muscles in your core that hold your hip in an optimal place. At each stage, our physical therapist will address pain management with massage, ultrasound and hot and cold therapies. They will also prescribe strength, flexibility, and range of motion exercises in a step-by-step progression. You may be asked to do several active exercises and passive pain relieving techniques on your own to augment the results you see in physical therapy. Shoulder Replacement Due to the complex nature of the shoulder, you may spend the first several days with an immobilizing splint on your arm to prevent movement in the shoulder. Once you have been cleared for physical therapy, our therapists will begin working with you to minimize scar tissue, improve strength and increase your range of motion. Your specific exercise program will take your pre-operative fitness level and post-operative pain into account. You may be asked to limit your movement in your shoulder outside of physical therapy as the tendons and ligaments heal. As you continue to improve, you will receive detailed instructions on when to wear your splint, ways to stretch and move and exercises to perform.

Thumb Replacements When painful trauma or arthritis make a total joint replacement necessary in your thumb, it may be difficult to find physical therapists who specialize in hand therapy. Fortunately, Adirondack Physical and OccupationalTherapy has hand therapy specialists who understand your unique needs. Early on in your recovery process, you may be fitted with a customized splint to protect your thumb as it heals and to permit a safe range of motion. Since your thumb is so commonly used in daily tasks, our occupational therapists will help you manage life with the minimal use of your thumb even as you heal. Next, therapy will focus on managing scar tissue, swelling and pain through massage, ice and cold therapy, and ultrasound. As the thumb heals, you will be given strength and flexibility exercises along with a prescribed time and length to do them. Before you go under the knife, call Adirondack Physical and Occupational Therapy to schedule your preoperative visit. Not only will our therapists be able to assess your pre-surgery fitness, but they will also be able to help you understand what to expect from your surgery and recovery. 7 5 8 2 6 7 1 4 3 9 7 5 3 8 1 7


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For more information about physical therapy options for pre-surgical and post-surgical joint replacement, call Adirondack Physical Therapy at 315.207.2222 !

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