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JULY 2018


In last month’s edition, I mentioned that I have begun working out at a CrossFit “box.” The workouts are intense, but I can’t deny that I’m seeing results. In fact, I’ve gone down from a 42-inch waist to a 36-inch waist since starting. A few months ago, my team at the law office was very surprised to see me walk into the office in jeans for the first time. Casual Fridays success story aside, I’m not one of those athletes you see competing in the CrossFit Games on CBS. My one and only goal is to keep going, day in and day out. While I initially started this workout regimen to see if I could handle it, I’ve since come to see it as a truly positive outlet — one I would suggest to my readers if you are up to the task. First and foremost, you should always talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen. Get the opinion of a medical professional who understands your fitness goals and any ongoing disabilities you have. Everyone’s needs are different, which is why it’s important to find a flexible workout regime that works for you.

the regimen is that it’s scalable, meaning workouts can be adjusted to fit your abilities, enabling you to “use what you have.” This is why everyone, from Navy SEALs to 70-year-old women, can work out in the same gym. I know from firsthand experience that the coaches at the gym can work with you to accommodate your individual needs. This May, I tweaked my shoulder while lifting sandbags, and I had to avoid overhead exercises. Thanks to the flexibility of my gym, I was able to still participate in group workouts with a modified exercise routine that took my injury into account. Regardless of whether you are interested in signing up for a gym or picking up another exercise activity, I strongly recommend finding a supportive group setting. Having the camaraderie and support system at my gym has played a big part in helping me reach my goals. I’ve deeply enjoyed becoming a member of this community, and I have gained a lot of satisfaction from getting into shape. Believe it or not, I’ve actually gained weight, despite dropping pants sizes, thanks to the extra muscle I’ve put on. Taking Arthur Ashe’s words to heart, I’ve been

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

–Arthur Ashe

In giving this advice, I am reminded of the words of legendary tennis star Arthur Ashe. When reflecting on his career, the Wimbledon champion shared a humble, straight-forward mantra. “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” It’s a great reminder that we don’t exercise to outperform other people; we do it for ourselves.

N e x t D o o r Bu

using what I have to do what I can, and it turns out that I can do more than I expected. I’m sure the same can be true for you, as well.

Some people I talk to are surprised I do CrossFit because of their perception that it’s for high-level athletes. But part of the strength of

–Brian Gillette

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