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At Pittman Physical Therapy, we want our patients to continue to become stronger and healthier even after their physical therapy is completed. We offer a wellness program to our past patients for a small weekly fee. During regular business hours, we have times for our programmembers to come and work independently as many times a week as they please. We allow use of any Our Wellness Program Stay fit and active after your physical therapy is over

and all equipment in the facility. Members can work at their own pace while sharing the same space as our current patients. Our facility offers bikes, treadmills, an elliptical, weights, physioballs, machines, foam rollers, etc. With a variety of equipment our program is designed to keep you active and doing the things you love on a daily basis. Inquire pricing at 901-850-5246 .

“ In physical therapy, they taught me exercises that I still do when I workout here.” “I’ve been a patient off and on for several years now. After I was done with my physical therapy, Pam mentioned the wellness program to me, and I’ve been using it for years now, too. I enjoy it because I can come here on my own without an appointment and at my convenience. I can work out and use all their equipment, weights, and bands. I use their facility as my own gym. In physical therapy, they taught me exercises that I still do when I workout here. I use the bikes often. The price is wonderful and I’ve really enjoyed this program. Several of my friends have come here after me. I would recommend this to anyone needing a gym to use.” -Jeanette Ruddell


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