Lewis Maclean August 2018


The Best Water is Filtered Water

Water filtration is an important part of a complete home plumbing system. Whether you rely on city water or a well on your property or in your neighbourhood, filtration can make a big difference. And it’s not just about taste. We all need water to drink, cook, clean, irrigate our yards and gardens, and keep cool in the summer. But contaminants — both natural and man-made — pose a problem in a lot of communities in the Lower Mainland. At least once per year, you should have your water tested to make sure it’s completely safe to drink. This is doubly important if you use well water. Not only can water contain natural contaminants, such as iron, manganese, and arsenic, it may also include sewage, chlorine, and a number of other dumped chemicals. On top of all that, unfiltered water can also harbour bacteria. It goes without saying that you don’t want any of these things in your drinking water. Arsenic, in particular, can only enter your body through ingestion. In Canada, private wells are considered an “at-risk” source of arsenic, according to Natural Resources Canada’s geological survey. Chlorine, too, can be absorbed into the body through ingestion. However, it can also enter the body simply through skin contact. The chemical can exist in water naturally, but it’s most often used as a disinfectant. The problem is that chlorine is a toxic chemical, as is chloramine, another harsh chemical made from a mix of ammonia and chlorine. This is the chemical that gives swimming pools that distinct “chlorine” smell.

“At least once per year, you should have your water tested to make sure it’s completely safe to drink.”

These chemicals alone are why we recommend a whole-house water filtration system. This is a system designed to keep you and your family safe, all while keeping your water tasting better than ever. Many filters use activated carbon to pull contaminants out of the water. Carbon is remarkably effective at cleaning water, pulling out harsh chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near your drinking glass.

But like any filter, water filters need to be replaced regularly. Over time, the carbon absorbs all the harmful particles, bacteria, and chemicals it can. So, even if you already have a water filtration system, this is another thing to keep in mind. Just as you should regularly replace your home’s air filter, you should ensure you don’t simply “set and forget” your water filter. Whether you need a water test or a whole-home water filtration system, we can help. Stop ingesting all those foul chemicals and start drinking the cleanest water of your life! As always, we’re standing right by the phone, ready to take your call 24/7. You can always count on us for your plumbing, drainage, heating, air conditioning, and water filtration needs!

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