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City of Clarence-Rockland goes alone on new Rockland fire hall


The City of Clarence-Rockland will move ahead on its ownwith plans for a new, lar- ger fire hall in Rockland. Plans for a com- bined fire hall/police station have fallen to the wayside. Mayor Guy Desjardins confirmed during a phone interview, Jan. 9, that the city has given up on the idea of a partnership with the OPP for a combined fire house/police station on the site of the present Rockland Fire House. He affirmed that the city rejected the last proposal from the OPP head office on a joint building project. “Their (last) offer to us was ridiculous,” Desjardins said. The City has been in talks for the past few years with the OPP about a combined fire hall/police station. The plan was to use the existing site of the Rockland Fire Hall for a larger building that would accommo- Josée Bourbonnais 613-286-9949 Service à domicile

Des rénovations importantes doivent être apportées à la caserne de pompiers de Rockland cette année, une fois que la Cité de Clarence-Rockland aura effectué une étude technique sur la structure existante. L’objectif est de construire une nouvelle station à quatre baies sur le site existant, y compris le terrainmunicipal adjacent occupé par unemaison vide. L’examen technique déterminera si la station existante peut être agrandie ou si un nouveau bâtiment est nécessaire. —photo Gregg Chamberlain


date both emergency service agencies. The existing OPP detachment in Rockland is getting old and too small for the needs of Russell County OPP operations within the Clarence-Rockland area. Desjardins noted that the last proposal from the OPP on a combined building was for a 12,000 square-foot structure, with the city responsible for 80 per cent of the construction cost and the OPP the remaining 20 per cent. “That (alone) would have meant a two per cent tax increase this year,” he added, “and a one per cent increase the next year.” Instead, the City will go ahead on its own to either expand the existing Rockland Fire Hall or build a new structure. The new fire hall would be located on the present site of the current one and also include the land adjacent where a former house has provided a temporary office space for fire department personnel.

The fire department has since relocated its office setup to the municipal building in Clarence Creek.The vacant house next to the Rockland Fire Hall is now due for eventual demolition. Right now, Desjardins noted, the question is to know if the existing fire hall is in good enough condition to merit expansion and addition rather than demolition and repla- cement with an entire new structure.The city will have a structural engineering report for council to consider later this season. “If everything goes well, we should be starting building by summer,” Desjardins assumed. The goal is to have a four-bay fire hall desi- gned so that trucks exit out the front on calls and, on return, re-enter the building through the rear. This will remove the traffic hazard situations that result now when freturning ire trucks create temporary traffic blocks on Laurier Street as they back into the hall.

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The Upper Canada District School Board is continuing with the Building for the Future Pupil Accommodation Review process by hosting a second round of Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) public meetings. The purpose of these meetings, which follow the first round of public meetings held in November 2016, is to receive further information from the public in response to the draft recommendations for school closures and consolidations presented in an Initial Staff Report that was received by the Board of Trustees on September 28, 2016. A copy of that report, additional information, and a link to an online survey in response to the draft recommendations presented in the report are available through the Pupil Accommodation Review link, on the UCDSB main page, at A public meeting for the Prescott-Russell Families of Schools will be held on: To confirm which public meeting applies to your local school, contact your school office, or visit the recommendations by family of schools page at, then click on your school family in the column at left or your ARC page. The meeting will also be livestreamed at the following link: Members of the public who are interested in making a presentation at these ARC public meetings should review the ARC Guide for Delegations, noting the process and timelines for receiving requests. This information can be found at: For more information concerning the Building for the Future Pupil Accommodation Review call 1-800-267-7131, or email Thursday, January 19, 2017 Rockland District High School 1004 St. Joseph Street, Rockland 6:30 p.m. [Doors open at 6 p.m.]

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Les hommes et les femmes du Service des incendies de Clarence-Rockland étaient heureux de la générosité des gens et plus que fiers d des résultats de leur quête annuelle et autres efforts de collecte de fonds pour aider à la recherche sur le traitement et les soins des enfants et des adultes atteints de dystrophiemusculaire. En décembre dernier, lors de la réunion de fin d’année, le CRFD a remis un chèque de 28 000 $ à l’Association canadienne de la dystrophie musculaire. —photo fournie par le Service des incendies de Clarence-Rockland

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