City of Tonganoxie Newsletter - Spring 2023

2023 Consumer Confidence Report Now Available! The City of Tonganoxie recently completed and published the City's 2023 Consumer Confidence Report for drinking water quality covering the 2022 calendar year. The report includes details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards. The information shared in this report showcases our transparency as a utility and demonstrates the quality of water that is available to you at your tap as an Tonganoxie resident. At the City of Tonganoxie, we are passionate about our responsibility to safeguard the public with our water treatment & distribution and are diligent stewards with our rate payers’ money to do this as economically as possible. We hope the information provided in this annual report helps give you confidence.

Direct Link to City of Tonganoxie Annual Consumer Confidence Reports

Recycling Information for City Residents The City of Tonganoxie offers optional bi-weekly curbside recycling to all residential utility customers. Services are provided by a contracted service provider, Honey Creek Disposal Service, LLC. *Reuse, Reduce and Recycle for only $4.50 per month.

Call City Hall at 913-845-2620 to sign up for curbside recycling!

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