Flattmann Law - April 2020

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April 2020

GRADY’S TOP 5 DRIVING PET PEEVES: I don’t complain often, but when it comes to driving, here are things that drive me nuts. FROM THE DESK OF Grady Flattmann NO. 5: WHEN SOMEONE WAVES ANOTHER DRIVER ACROSS LANES OF TRAFFIC Although well-intentioned, it is dangerous to wave to someone else through traffic. Let traffic control actually control traffic. See our June 2019 article. NO. 4: UNRESTRAINED PETS I love dogs, but when I see one on someone’s lap behind the wheel, I have to wonder. What if that dog jumps on the driver’s hands or feet and how distracting is this? NO. 3: WHEN THE GUY IN FRONT OF YOU CLEANS HIS WINDSHIELD It usually happens just after you wash your car. Try to fight the urge to pass them and turn on your own spray. NO. 1: PUTTERING ALONG IN THE LEFT LANE There is nothing more frustrating than being behind an 18-wheeler going below the speed limit while passing another 18-wheeler in the right lane at a snail’s pace. Thanks for letting me get that out! You probably have your own pet peeves, but don’t let them distract you from safe driving. NO. 2: NOT USING THE TURN SIGNAL The turn signal is there for a reason.

WHAT’S SO FUNNY? Why You Should Keep Your Kids Laughing

There are a lot of benefits to encouraging your kids to get silly. A strong sense of humor will let them see things from multiple perspectives rather than just the most obvious ones. It can also encourage them to be spontaneous and see the value in unconventional ideas and alternative ways of thinking. They’ll enjoy participating in the more playful aspects of life, which will teach them not to take themselves too seriously. These are all useful traits that many adults wish they could foster more easily! Children with a well-developed sense of humor also tend to have more positive emotions and social interactions. They’re generally happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and are better equipped

Humor has always been a valuable social skill. Class clowns and stand-up comedians are praised for their quick wit and their ability to make people laugh. Everyone loves to laugh, and laughing together is a great way to make strong, long-lasting connections. And now, recent studies have shown that a good sense of humor can even aid in a child’s development. Having a healthy sense of humor can help children develop their intellect, health, and problem-solving skills. Some people think that humor is a genetic trait, but it actually develops from recognizing and mimicking humor from other sources. This means that humor can be developed from a very young age with the right influence.


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