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Globally Sourced. Ethically Made. Sweatshop Free.

American Apparel ® has always stood for sweatshop-free, ethical manufacturing. Today, we remain dedicated to creating a positive impact on the people who design, make, and wear our clothes, with a holistic and sustainable approach to production.

Email: customerservice@gildanbrands.com customerserviceactivewear@gildan.com

Phone (Toll Free): +1 (877) 477 6257 +1 (877) 562 1499 +1 (877) 445 3265

gildanbrands.com/american-apparel-wholesale @americanapparelwholesale

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American Apparel ® is a trademark owned by Gildan Activewear SRL. © 2020 Gildan Activewear SRL. All Rights Reserved.

Solid / Heather

White (000C)

Heather Red (193C)

Tang (1575C)

Light Pink (496C)

Orchid (2072C)

Beni Imo (2716C)

Light Blue (290C)

Red (200C)

Heather Orange (2024C)

Crème (2309C)

Pink (671C)

Dark Orchid (2354C)

Heather Lake Blue (2151C)

Baby Blue (278C)

Peppered Cranberry (504C)

Red Punch (1797C)

Coral (178C)

Paulette Pink (7606C)

Butter (7401C)

Purple (2096C)

Aqua (637C)

Majesty (2627C)

Cranberry (188C)

Orange (2027C)

Truffle (1817C)

Lemon (601C)

Mauve (5025C)

Turquoise (638C)

Eggplant (518C)

Maroon (7428C)

Deep Pink (191C)

Faded Mauve (5015C)

Sunshine (127C)

Lapis (2756C)

Teal (2393C)

Faded Hot Sauce (7608C)

Heather Cranberry (2042C)

Heather Plum (5115C)

Heather Gold (3514C)

Neon Heather Pink (190C)

Faded Blue Belle (3506C)

Peppered Lapis (2119C)

Port (7645C)

Camel (4635C)

Gold (130C)

Fuchsia (2039C)

Heather Imperial Purple (5265C)

Imperial Purple (275C)

Royal Blue (7686C)

Neon Heather Blue (2394C)

Menthe (2246C)

Lime (7478C)

Black (B6C)

Ash Grey (435C)

Pewter (WG8C)

Faded Lieutenant (5467C)

Mermaid Green (7712C)

Coriander Green (2406C)

Light Aqua (325C)

New Silver (CG4C)

Heather Lieutenant (416C)

Olive (5743C)

Sea Blue (2377C)

Grass (7739C)

High Dive (326C)

Heather Grey (CG5C)

Zinc (CG10C)

Military Olive (7770C)

Black Aqua (2216C)

Heather Kelly Green (2251C)

Mint (339C)

Slate (CG8C)

Dark Heather Grey (425C)

Brown (411C)

Faded Ink (289C)

Evergreen (569C)

Heather Vintage Green (341C)

Peppered Grey (424C)

Asphalt (CG11C)

Army (448C)

Navy (2767C)

Ultra Blue (7721C)

Kelly Green (7726C)

Lieutenant (417C)

Coal (432C)

Carob (412C)

Heather Navy (540C)

Ink (5395C)

Forest (567C)

Heather Forest (3308C)

Heather Black (7547C)

Faded Black (419C)



Natural (7506C)

Pine (2265C)

Tri-Lemon (5555C)

Tri-Oatmeal (4685C)

Tri-Silver (CG3C)

Pollen (2006C)

Tri-Créole Pink (489C)

Neptune (2211C)

Tri-Evergreen (2243C)

Athletic Grey (CG9C)

Tri-Red (7623C)

Lotus (7431C)

Galaxy (2152C)

Tri-Vintage Green (342C)

Tri-Black (B3C)

Nickel (7539C)

Cedar (7522C)

Tri-Cranberry (7644C)

Tri-Orchid (2081C)

Radish (201C)

Walnut (7531C)

Tri-Lieutenant (7497C)

Tri-Coffee (WG11C)

Athletic Blue (660C)

Tri-Blue (2129C)

Tri-Indigo (2378C)

Tri-Navy (2380C)

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