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Contribution to the Arts Cup Awarded to the student whose contribution to the arts and culture in the House was significant this year Rudi Beavan McDonald Cup A special award to a student who has provided good humour and strong support to his peers Hamish Grigg David Clay Memorial Prize Awarded for outstanding senior academic performance Charlie Stanley TZ King Memorial Cup Awarded to the student who upholds integrity, faithful allegiance and honour in School House Jack Smith

Housemaster’s Cup Awarded to the student whose contribution to the House was significant this year. Jake Abbiss Head of School House Cup & Tankard Jake Abbiss

Finally, thank you for all the support and trust you have shown in me in my first year in this role. I am greatly looking forward to 2023 and all the exciting things that School House can accomplish. Henry Smith Housemaster, School House

Head of House 2023 Matthew O’Connor Deputy Head of House Jack Sutherland

Overall, it has been a remarkable year and one that I will not forget. what we have achieved as a House with all the turmoil and change that has happened, I hope everyone will feel a great sense of satisfaction and pride.


Back Row: AJ Haugh, FJ McCone, TR Macfarlane, HM Trolove, JE Hadden, CR Kingsbury, GJR Pavey, GW Young, AT Wallis, HJ Carr, WAH Richards, CJR Smith, Mr VP Kenworthy (Non-residential Tutor) Fourth Row: OH Stanley, OLT Biggs, WAA Studholme, BA Nation, HJN Helmore, WH Ockwell, DLJ Botherway, HJ Hanson, WJ McQuilkin, TC Hansen, MW Lee, JH Baker-Sherman, LMJ Nelson, Mr KR Miller (Mentor) Third Row: Mr LJR O’Leary (Residential Tutor), Ms KA Morris (Mentor), Mr BP Vink (Assistant Principal/Mentor), JR Ireland, JJH Sutherland, WM Gould, TMC Chaffey, LDC Botherway, GR Clarke, NGT Elworthy, GFC Pavey, DC Wyber, JT Burdon, Mr BR Sheat (Residential Tutor/Mentor) Second Row: JAH Bethell, RJC Beavan, Y Pang, SD Shelling, Mrs SM Cryer (Matron), JA Smith (Head of Boarding), JPJ Abbiss (Head of House), Miss RE Smith, Mr HR Smith (Housemaster), Mrs KE Kempthorne-Smith, Master BH Smith, CS Stanley (Deputy Head of House), Ms CM Nicolson (Deputy Housemaster/Mentor), GAJ Helmore, FJ Tapper, OTP Todhunter, HT Grigg, DJM Sheild Front Row: MHH Cox, CHS Peacock, GFA Beavan, OHD Simpson, GW Dale, GH McKenzie, TJC Adams, NO McQuilkin, LE Tapper, WJ Stanley, SH Cook Absent: Mr RT Goodwin (Non-residential Tutor)


Register 2022 Pastoral Care

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