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is, and will continue to be, such a key part of time at College.

Difference Week”, addressing the school on diversity issues and the importance of the dedicated week. We wanted to address the fact that we are all different in many ways and we wanted to be inclusive of everyone – whether that be sexual identity, cultural identity, or any difference you had to any other person. We wanted everyone to feel like College was a great space to be – and express – yourself. The week started with Post-it compliments. Prefects distributed Post-it notes so that the boys could write a compliment and then hand the pad of notes to another boy. The boy who had received the compliment would then put the note on the cafe wall, and so on. It was a chance for boys to make a small ripple that could create a big wave. We then introduced “Have a Break with a New Mate”. Committee members gave Kit Kats to boys, who were encouraged to share their tasty treat with a new “mate” who they had never met before. It aimed to help boys see that different ideas, interests, hobbies and backgrounds could bring richness to our lives, and if we took the time to talk to someone new, we could find opportunities for enrichment and growth. “Have a Break with a New Mate” was a major success. On Thursday, the committee brought back the colourful wristband as a symbol of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The assembly speech focused on what it meant to be inclusive, the power of our words, and the role of Pink Shirt Day. Committee speakers were supported by Chris Waugh, on behalf of members of the student LGBTQIA+ group. On Friday, we held a casual clothing day where students were encouraged to wear pink and raise funds for the Mental Health Foundation for its work reducing the impact of bullying and the harm it caused. Donations were made via the College Pink Shirt Day donation page. During the week, we flew the Pride Progress Flag on the school flagpole alongside the school flag and displayed posters promoting

the week. The committee also placed educational posters – about kindness, inclusion, diversity and being an upstander – around the school. The week was a success, with boys from all year levels taking part and enjoying themselves. In Term 3, we concentrated on the ways to wellbeing by organising smaller events in multiple weeks. This was helped by the Year 11 Wellbeing Conference, with guests running workshops for the boys and students from St Margaret's College. The workshops were split, with half featuring a speaker and the other half covering mental and physical health. We wrapped up the day with a panel of senior students from both schools sharing their thoughts and suggestions. I would again like to thank Caroline Black for all her hard work and support for the day. I am grateful for the opportunity to be the 2022 Head of Wellbeing. I would like to thank the committee members for their support and ensuring success. I am pleased to hand over the Wellbeing role to the very capable Finn Melhuish. He is mature and approachable, along with having great morals, and will thrive in this role. Gus Pavey, who has been named as deputy for the Head of Wellbeing, will provide great support to Finn. Rest assured that wellbeing is in exceptional hands in 2023. Lastly, a huge thank you to Caroline Black. She has not only been an awesome fit for her role, but she has also been a great mentor to me. She has helped me – and many boys – to be a good person and always do the right thing. I am extremely proud of wellbeing at College, and sure that it will continue to develop and grow in the coming years. Jack Brent Head of Wellbeing

Spencer Smith Head of Service

WELLBEING It has been a great opportunity to work alongside an awesome bunch of boys in the Wellbeing committee and with the wider school in 2022. We have found the year extremely challenging, being restricted by Covid-19 and then living in a world with more freedoms. With the support of the committee and Director of Wellbeing Education Caroline Black, we are confident that we have left a positive impact on the school, highlighting the strong focus on student wellbeing. One of the main factors in our success was our amazing committee, with all members striving to create positive wellbeing across the school. We had meetings every Wednesday, with all committee members discussing their ideas openly. Each boy brought wisdom and maturity in sharing their views on lifting wellbeing. I thank those boys for their commitment and strong values, and I am sure that will continue in 2023. At the start of the year, we considered how best to improve wellbeing at College. We decided on the following focus: • Giving • Take notice

• Be active • Connect • Keep learning

We also included diversity – such an important factor to every boy's life. While these were large topics, we were able to address each in assembly on many occasions. It was a great opportunity and a privilege to speak to the whole school. Despite a slow start in Term 1 because of Covid-19 restrictions, we ensured that we maintained a strong presence in virtual assemblies. We continued to hold discussions and focus on the path ahead. In Term 2, we opted for “Bring your


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