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units in the Sports Leadership course were heavily affected by Covid-19 restrictions, but with a little creative planning most of the impacts and impositions were able to be overcome. The Level 3 NCEA course was also affected by Covid-19 restrictions. At the beginning of the year, the course had to be redesigned to fit within the various physical exercise restrictions in place. However, an upside of this redesign was that we were once again able to fit in the safety and risk management ski camp to Porters Alpine Resort. This trip proved hugely popular with students. It is something we will look to develop further in 2023. Overall, it has been a fantastic year, albeit one with many challenges. Nga¯ mihi nui to all staff and students who have made 2022 so successful and positive considering all the changing environmental conditions imposed by Covid-19. Prize Winners Year 13 NCEA Benjamin Breitmeyer Year 13 Sports Leadership Marcus Hamilton Prize for Physical Education Year 12 – Jonty Inglis Year 11 – Albie Roberts Year 10 – Darce Terpstra Year 9 – Joshua Shannahan Henry Smith HoD Physical Education and Health RELIGIOUS EDUCATION All students in Years 9–11 study Religious Education. In 2022, assuming the role of Head of Department, we continued with the syllabus as developed by Rev'd Bosco Peters over many years. At Year 10, this meant examining major world religions with a special focus on Islam and Buddhism. The former as a focus and need for continuing education and connection across faith communities in our city of O¯ tautahi has been sharpened in recent years. The latter as we build towards our visits to the Buddhist

Temple in Riccarton Road, where this year bonds of friendship have been strengthened. In Year 10, there has also been an Introduction to Ethics – and how decisions we make affect the world around us and shape our character. In Year 11, we continued to offer the NCEA Level 1 standard examining the Development of The Reformation in Europe, with particular focus on how this evolved in England, and the subsequent part this has played in Anglican Ecclesiology (how we do Anglicanism). Ethical Models were also explored. The Year 9 course continued to examine the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and how Anglican tradition attempts to witness to the message of this singularly significant man. We went some way into the liturgies of the Church, including the Church calendar, the sacraments, and rites and customs across different denominations of Christianity. We are grateful for the experienced teaching of Paul McCarthy (Year 11 classes) and Nicholas Sutcliffe (Year 10 classes). Both these teachers are knowledgeable, and create a safe and open environment where the discussion and pondering of our boys so essential to learning in this academic context is possible. At the conclusion of the 2022 academic year, a new Years 9–11 Religious Education programme was worked through, where each year will build on the previous in

alignment with the aspirations of the College Diploma. Three key strands have emerged as our focus: Belonging, Unity and Diversity, and Meaning and Purpose – with each having a different context across the three year groups. The Year 11 NCEA Level 1 standard will no longer be a part of the course as our transition and support of the College Diploma continues. Prize Winners Tyndale Subject Excellence Prizes

Lui Tupuola (Year 9) Sam Belcher (Year 10) Angus Whitteker (Year 11)

Balfour Service to Chapel Prizes Year 10 (Chapel Bell) – Willie Ryan Year 13 (Chapel Prefects) – Harry Vincent, Yusef Elnahas The Rev'd Cameron Pickering HoD Religious Education


The year started with a record haul of 10 Scholarships for the Biology Department – Jack Belcher, Henry Briscoe (Outstanding), James Currie, George Gearry, Callum Hackston, Joshua Jolly, Hanjun Kim, Caleb Manson, Janindu Pahalawatta and Bradley Shearer. I would like to thank Biology staff Kirsty Howatson, Emily Priest and Sally Kersey for their shared contribution to this incredible achievement. It is testament to the


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