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passion and dedication of these staff that allows the students to achieve at their best despite the ongoing disruptions of Covid-19. We have also had a very positive start to the introduction of the new College Diploma courses in Biology. We adapted the previous Year 10 course to provide more learning about sustainability and a wider range of health issues. We introduced several new practicals, including a pig trotter dissection, and introduced a wider range of assessment tasks and techniques. In the Year 11 Prep class, we had the time to explore subjects like Biotechnology for the first time, and introduced ecology ideas through a conservation lens. However, the second semester retained a focus on NCEA-style assessments and content to ensure the boys are as well prepared for Year 12 as in previous years. On other matters, we were very pleased for Emily to be offered refreshment leave during Term 3. Emily travelled widely and I am sure her experiences will bring a renewed energy and interest for students and staff alike. During this term, we welcomed Taryn Randall into the department and were very grateful for the expertise and warmth that she brought. Graeme Swanson HoD Biology Chemistry We started off the year in Chemistry pleasantly surprised with the successes of the 2021 boys, despite the disruptions from lockdowns and remote learning. The results across all year levels indicated high success rates, and we again yielded good outcomes in Scholarship Chemistry. Eight boys earned Scholarships with James Currie achieving an Outstanding Scholarship result for his paper. Term 1 this year was our most disrupted, with Covid-19 reaching the students and staff late in the term, yielding high absence rates and challenges to the progress of the Chemistry programmes. Despite this,

things moved swiftly ahead in Term 2, and by the end of the year all courses finished up as planned. We started the College Diploma this year for the first time, with our Year 10 and Year 11 courses transitioning to Core and Prep courses. The Core course was an amalgamation of atomic structure, acids and bases, rates of reaction, practical investigation, and metal elements while the Prep course focused more on carbon compounds, non-metal elements, and advanced chemical reactions. Reorganising the courses, alongside the new reporting system, became the main focus for the year. While there are many aspects to build on in 2023, we have finished the year happy with what we have achieved. In terms of staffing, we were joined this year by Sidinei Teixeira, coming to us from Mt Hutt College to teach part-time while finishing her Master’s degree. We were assisted later in the year by Taryn Randall and Emily Priest sharing the teaching of an additional Core class. The rest of the team remained unchanged with Head of Department Scott Franklin, teachers Dr Craig Aitken and Dr Briar Wait, and our eternally amazing technician, Vicki Bennie.

worst effects are well mitigated. The continuing rise in student numbers opting in and continuing in the subject reflects the increasing requirement for technologically competent logical science thinkers in our ever increasingly technology-rich workplaces. The College Diploma has seen an adjustment to subject topic content timing, but the historical rigour required to prepare students for senior Physics has continued to be taught. The department continues to have stable staffing and we have plans in place preparing for any disruptions Covid-19 may cause next year. David Newton HoD Physics Earth & Space Science

Earth & Space Science had a great start to the year with the announcement of our first

Scholarship awarded to Sam Kelly. Other external exam results were also pleasing with a high pass rate and a large proportion of Excellence results. This year, separate Earth & Space Science classes have run at Level 2 and Level 3. This separation of year levels has allowed for more time to focus on the different content that is studied at each level. The applied nature of Earth & Space Science means that field work is an integral component in this subject. In the second term, we had a very successful Level 2 field trip over Banks Peninsula and onto Birdlings Flat. Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel our Level 3 Astronomy field trip to Tekapo because of consecutive snowfalls. School-based astronomy activities, including a trip to the School House telescope dome and some ground-based asteroid hunting, were a poor substitute but still enjoyed by those involved. The introduction of the College Diploma gave the opportunity to introduce the Planet Earth and Beyond strand of the Science curriculum at the junior level. The introduction of a new Earth & Space Science Prep course was well received. The new course covered

Scott Franklin HoD Chemistry Physics

Physics students continued to earn very good pass rates at Excellence and Merit levels, comparable with previous years, despite the continuing impact that Covid-19 had on their motivation. Five Scholarships were awarded as well. The course in 2022 had the internally assessed practical courses early in the year, for that reason. The year progressed without disruption, other than masks, which made teacher student interaction more difficult. Mandatory masks ended and results seem unaffected. Some students have been detrimentally and individually affected by the continuing pandemic isolation rules. College has a very good team looking after student wellbeing and it is hoped that the


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